I am seriously loving all of your requests for organizational ideas via social media!  I have so many requests, that I am already planning out suggestions well into August!  Please keep them coming because sharing ideas to keep you organized is truly inspiring me in so many ways.  I just love sharing ideas and suggestions to keep you organized, so you can spend more time playing and less time searching.  As you may remember, last week I shared some suggestions for taming the toys in your living space.

This week, a reader requested some suggestions for storing her children’s artwork.  This can be such a challenging task, as you never want to discourage your child from creating artwork.  But finding space to showcase each piece of art can take over your entire home, if you have budding artists, like I do!  So here are some suggestions for encouraging artwork, yet keeping it manageable for your family.

1. Decisions, Decisions

Storing Children's Artwork

Storing Children’s Artwork

First thing we always do is to let the kiddos decide if they want to keep the artwork or if we can reuse the paper for another project.  This has greatly reduced the amount of paper we have in the house.  If the artist decides that they want to keep the artwork, we keep it.  If they say we can use it for another project, I will let it dry on the floor near our art station, and then put the paper back into the paper drawer once it has dried.

I love this idea because it is encouraging the kids to decide if this piece of artwork is worth saving, reusing paper by not being wasteful, and promoting independence.  It was a tough thing to teach in the beginning, because they wanted to save everything, but once they saw their artwork displayed, they only wanted their best pieces to hang.

2. Clipboard Wall

Storing Children's Artwork - Clipboard WallLast year, I created a clipboard wall that I was planning on using as our family command center.  Well, it has changed drastically into the kids artwork display area.  It is really helpful to have a drying/display area super close to where we paint and color.  Once we finish painting/coloring/stamps/etc., the kids decide if they want to keep the artwork or we can reuse it.  If they decide to keep the artwork, we hang it up to dry on one of the clipboards.  Some of the clipboards have many pieces of artwork underneath them because I just keep hanging pieces over the older ones.  The kids love to look at their old artwork on the clipboards as well.  The only down side to this, is that sometimes the paint drips to the floor or the papers will all fall off of the clipboard if we are trying to put a new piece of artwork on that particular clipboard.

3. Display With Clothespins

Another way to display artwork is by using a string or ribbon attached to a wall, and clipping up the children’s artwork with clothespins.  I have done this by using either nails or Command 3M hooks to hold a long piece of ribbon and lots and lots of clothespins.  You can have so many clothespins on one piece of ribbon, that every single creation your child makes can easily be displayed.  It can be a perfect solution to the artwork problem!

4. Fridge Decoration

Storing Children's Artwork - Fridge ArtAnother easy way to display your child’s artwork is to showcase it on the fridge.  The problem with using a magnet to hang on the fridge is that things start to look cluttered and messy.  There are many ways you can organize artwork on the fridge in an easy way.  I have suggested to clients to try StoreSMART Fridge Art Magnetic Frames, or magnetic picture frames to store their children’s artwork.  It keeps your fridge looking organized, while displaying artwork created by your child.  An easy and effective way to store artwork, because when a new piece of artwork is completed, you can replace an older piece, leaving your fridge looking tidy.

5. Frame It

Storing Children's Artwork - Lil Davinci Kid Art FramesThese Li’l Davinci Kid Artwork Frames look amazing as an alternative to a clipboard wall or clothespins and ribbon.  You can stack your child’s artwork over the next, just as you would with the clipboard wall, but you can easy keep the artwork framed because the frame itself opens and closes without having to be taken off the wall every time you want to swap out a piece of artwork.  This is such a clever idea to keep your house looking put-together, while still showcasing your child’s artwork!

6. Sort and Store

If you don’t have the wall space for such things as the clipboard wall or ribbon with clothespins, you can always get a giant bin to store artwork.  My favorite bins are the clear, giant bins you can find at Costco or Home Depot.  Another great option is to get the file folder plastic bins to hang file folders from to store the artwork.  You can create an art bin for each child and have them store their artwork in the bin.  They can sort their artwork based on month, year, or type of artwork (painting, drawing, etc.).  This is an easy alternative to showcasing every piece of artwork your child creates!

So there you have it, friends.  Six different ways to help you organize your children’s artwork.  Hopefully, one (or a few) suggestions will help you get organized!

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to endorse any of the products mentioned in this post.  I just really like all the products I suggested based on client review or my own personal use.