I love a good pantry. When things are well organized, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. And when the space is beautifully designed, then you want to keep that organization going. Which is why I am showcasing how to create a pantry from Better Homes and Gardens.

Recreate It: Better Homes And Gardens Pantry

Recreate It is a series where I will walk you through recreating a look from a magazine. This step-by-step tutorial will help you get the look! Some links may contain affiliates. 


This walk in pantry is absolutely beautiful, which is why a reader requested how to recreate it. As we can see from the picture, all the bottled water is stored on the shelves like you would find at a grocery store! Cookbooks are stored rainbow colored on the open shelves above drawers. My guess is inside those drawers are breads and onions/garlic. Because onions and garlic prefer to be stored in a cool, dark place, that bottom drawer could be the perfect spot to store them. On the top row of the open shelves are all the serving pieces like the jars and cake trays.

The Baskets

Inside the baskets, I spy snacks and treats. They are labeled using tags tied with twine. The look is adorable and easy to change out. Because when you have kids and they want all the snacks, but get sick of certain ones, swapping out tags is much easier than vinyl labels!


The Jars 

Looking at the jars, I can see cereal is in air-tight containers. I love those air-tight containers, especially if you don’t eat cereal frequently. The containers help prevent the cereal from going stale, like it would inside the cereal box. Plus you can see how much cereal is left.

Baking items are in mason jar containers. These types of containers are great because they have an extra seal, making them great for holding baking flours. 

I also see pasta stored in those mason jars. Included are the labels cut from the box the pasta came in. This is a great way to add the cooking instructions to your jars. Simply tape the labels onto the jar and you can see how to cook items. You can also use wine pens to write on the jars so you don’t have to keep the box cut-out.

There are also jars with labels on them. Personally, I would have one type of label and stick to it, simply for the aesthetic. But if cutting the boxes and writing using a wine pen and using a label maker work for you, then do it!

To recreate this look in your home, you are going to need a lot of the jars. I would start by looking at your baking items to determine how many you need. Then look at your pastas. If you have more space, then add snacks into the jars as well.

better homes and gardens pantry

Image from Better Homes And Gardens

Recreating The Better Homes and Gardens Pantry

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