Do you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest looking at beautifully organized closets? Have you planned out your dream closet for when you have the space or money to recreate it? I have been there too! I love envisioning beautiful closets that I can walk into and see perfectly organized clothes, shoes, and jackets. But we don’t always have the space or the money to create our dream closet so I am going to share ways you can design your dream closet on a budget in this episode of Recreate It!

Measuring A Closet

Whenever you measure the closet, there are a few measurements you have to have. First is the width of the closet. Then the heigh of the closet. You also need to space between the doors! This is key if you want drawers in your closet so that they don’t bump or get stuck because of the doors. You also want to have the depth of the closet from the back wall to the closet doors. And the depth of back wall to the top of the doors. In case you want shelving to go above the where the doors open, you need to make sure your shelving depth isn’t as deep as you would have for shelves where the closet doors open. You know, so you can actually put things on those top shelves!

The Container Store

Elfa Decor is the closet in this video. I love this product because it looks really expensive but you can easily have it grow with you. It does get pricey but you can customize. You can do your own customization of the closet or have someone at The Container Store help you out!

All my favorite Elfa Decor products are listed below:


IKEA has incredible closet options. Since everything is DIY at IKEA, you can create a dream closet that you can install and set up yourself. I have seen people do amazing things with the PAX system. I had a handyman that would install the PAX system then add crown molding to the top of the system. You really could not tell it was from IKEA. I thought it was custom built!

IKEA also has a closet planner program you can use here.


Hardware Store

There are a few brands that you can get at you local hardware store. They all have planners to help you create the dream closet you are looking for. Then you install the closet and organize everything like a professional! 

My favorite hardware store closets are listed below:


Another closet option is to use EasyClosets. I have helped a few families create closets using EasyClosets and they are surprisingly easy to install! You go to their site and design your closet. Then you get the order shipped to you house and you install!

Organizing Your Dream Closet

When it comes time to actually organize your dream closet, I have some tips for you. Start by decluttering your clothes. Only keep the things you wear in your closet. This will help you see everything you have. Also file-fold your clothing. This is a great way to not let clothes pile up on top of each other. 

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Now you are ready to create the dream closet on a budget with these tips and tricks to do so in your own home!