In this edition of Recreate It, I am featuring a fridge from iDesign. This fridge is well stocked and ready for the week. So how can you get this look? And what are practical tips for refrigerator organization? I am breaking them all down now!

Recreate the Fridge

I am loving this fridge so much. The reason why is because all the food is prepped for the week in containers that will help the food last. 

On the bottom shelf, bins are used to store left overs in baggies. There is also a turntable that is used for oils and condiments. 

The next two shelves have food that is for salads that is all cut up. I really like the bins with the dividers that are perfect for keeping the bell peppers separate. The salad bins also keep the bottom leaves from getting soggy, which is always so helpful.

The egg holder is great because you can see how many eggs you have left. 

Drinks and veggies are stored on the door in glass jars. 


Refrigerator Organization

My biggest tip for fridge organization is to make sure you give each shelf a purpose. Storing all the meal prep on one shelf, like in this picture, is a great way to keep your food organized. 

Use lazy Susans to store condiments. This way nothing gets lost in the back.

I love using egg holders to store eggs because you can see how many you have without having to guess if you need more at the store. 

Using quality containers in the fridge also help keep your food lasting longer. That means that there is no more wasting food because it went bad faster than you could eat it.

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Product Recommendations

These products are the ones seen in the picture along with others that I enjoy. You can easily have a refrigerator that is organized similarly to this one by prepping your food for the week, storing in containers, and using a turntable to store oils and condiments.


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