As we continue with showcasing our home, we are moving into the living room.  This space was originally bare, but as the babies changed to kids, we needed a play room on the main floor.  We took the furniture from the sun room (which is now our current play room) and put it in the living room.  I still am in shock we didn’t do this when we moved in, but what are you gonna do?

Since the kids run all around the first floor, I wanted to keep some toys in the space so they could play while we were vegging out watching football.  I found the ottoman at Home Goods, along with a few of the pillows.  The basket for the ottoman is from Target.

Room Tour: Our Living Room

Our living room goes right into our dining room, which goes into our playroom.  It’s nice to have an open concept for the living space, but it makes trying to decorate a challenge.  I decided to stick with greys, browns and purples for the space.  I added in pops of blue, but because the space is so open, I didn’t want to overwhelm the space with too many color changes in each room.

gallery wall

We got the tent and campfire set for a Hanukkah present from my parents for both kiddos to share.  They just love running in and out of the tent and playin with the camp fire.  Eli even brings over his fire truck to put out the fire!

The back of the couch backs into a console we had in our condo downtown Chicago.  I would love to put a table here, but it does make the perfect space for baskets to hold extra toys that the kids can use to play in our large entryway.

I think my favorite part about the space is this gallery wall.  We framed pictures of places we have traveled together.  It’s just really nice to showcase some travels we did pre-babies.  The frames are from IKEA.

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