It is starting to feel like fall because I keep seeing the back-to-school pictures on Facebook! I really do love this time of year! Maybe it is the former teacher in me, but back-to-school is always a nice time of year for some refreshes with your organizing systems!

Kids start something new, you are on a new routine, and it is the perfect time to change up some of the ways you maintain paper clutter from the kiddos.

I have tried many different ways to keep the kids school stuff organized, and what I found is that you have to find a system that works for you.

Clipboard walls, large file folders, and school boxes have all been tried and work for some families!

creating school binders with free printables

One easy way to contain the kids papers is to create a school binder with printable organizers! By keeping your favorite pieces of art contained in a binder, you can easily store and look through everything your child has accomplished throughout the year.

Samsill School Binders With Printables

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To create a custom school binder with printables, you will need some decorative binders. I just love these fashion designs from Samsill.

free printables back to school binders

Next, print off the FREE Back To School Printable and Grade Level Cards for each year of school.  Have the kiddos fill out the printables and place in binder.

Then, throughout the year, add pieces of art, reports, and other info you want to keep.

I would suggest storing the binders in the office or mud room area of the home, as that is where these papers typically land!

school binder with printables and way to store artwork

Another option to storing artwork is to store in Samsill’s 2-in-1 binder duo. You can use the binder portion to store larger pieces of artwork and the accordian files for notes, reports, and other items for each grade level!

back to school binder with printables artwork organization

And, there is always Samsill’s Pop n’ Store boxes that are perfect for larger projects that can be safely stored and used as decoration around the kiddos’ bedrooms or office!

Wishing you all a wonderful beginning of the school year and to creative organizing solutions to keep your kids papers tidy throughout the school year!

school binders with printables fashion binders

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