Bedrooms are the topic of our spring clean up challenge this week.  We have three bedrooms to tackle this week, so I plan on doing a little bit every day to get everything checked off of my spring cleaning list!  We are almost done with getting our house ready for spring, and I can’t wait to start enjoying the weather in a nice, clean house!

Spring Clean Up Challenge Week Five

As we’ve been going through the challenge I wanted to take a second to remind you of everything we have accomplished so far!  Week one was cleaning and organizing the closets and drawers!  Week two was cleaning and organizing our kitchen and pantry.  Week three was the start of our deep cleaning, where we cleaned the main living areas.  Week four got you deep cleaning the bathrooms and linen closets.

Each week we are going to be tackling one area of the house that needs a spring refresher, making spring cleaning not as daunting as it can appear. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for motivation throughout the week!

The deep cleaning of the bedrooms entails:

  • Dust Ceiling Fans and Lights
  • Vacuum Curtains
  • Dust Blinds
  • Wash Baseboards
  • Clean Vents
  • Move All Furniture
  • Dust and Clean Under All Furniture
  • Vacuum Floors and Carpets
  • Steam Clean Carpets
  • Vacuum Mattress
  • Wash All Bedding, Duvet Covers, Quilts and Pillows
  • Dust All Furniture



Spring Clean Up Challenge Week Five - Wash Bedding

I always try to wash my duvet cover, pillows and quilts at least four times a year.  I start by washing the duvet cover and shams together.  This way, if the color starts to fad, it will be similar coloring with all of the bedding.  Then I wash the quilt.  This is a tough one to wash because it is kind of thick and stiff.  I also have euro shams that go along with the quilt that I wash together with the quilt.  Same reason as before regarding the color.  I never wash any sets alone, I always wash them together, even if one piece isn’t dirty.

Pillows are always fun to wash because they don’t seem like they should go in the washing machine, but they can if they are cotton.  Always read your labels on the pillows before throwing them into the wash.  Our shams are easy to wash since they are made of cotton.  I put two pillows in the machine at a time to make sure the weight is evenly distributed.  I was them on delicate in hot water.  Then I put them in the dryer on timed dry to make sure that they dry and stay fluffy.  My pillow that I sleep on is a memory foam pillow, so I wash the case but don’t wash the actual pillow because it will not hold up in the washing machine.

Vacuuming the bed is easy once you get in the groove of it!  Just start at one corner and vacuum back and forth along the mattress.  We also have a Sleep Number bed, so I have to deflate the bed once a year to keep the air inside the bed fresh and dry.  We also have a Murphy bed in the basement that I clean the same way as I clean our master bedding.  I was all of the pillows and duvet cover.  I vacuum the mattress.  Then I put the whole bed back together for when we have visitors!

Eli sleeps in a toddler bed with his crib mattress, while Adleigh is still in her crib with her crib mattress.  I don’t vacuum their mattresses because they are waterproof.  Once they transition to a big bed, I will be planning on vacuuming their mattresses to keep them fresh and clean.  I do take all of their sheets and stuffed animals and wash them as frequently as I can.


When I start to dust the bedrooms, I always start from the tallest place and work my way down.  In our bedrooms, that means the ceiling fan.  An easy trick for dusting the ceiling fan is to use an old pillow case.  Just put the pillow case on a blade of the fan, gently pull the sides together, and slowly move the pillow case off of the fan blade.  Repeat for all blades.  By using a pillow case, you are able to collect all of the dust without having some fall on the floor.

An easy trick for dusting blinds is to use a pillow case and put your hand all the way to the corner of the pillow case.  Go back and forth on each blind to collect dust using your hand.  You get a lot more dust bunnies when you are using your hand and a pillow case!

I have heard that if you want to keep your baseboards clean you should use a dryer sheet and wipe it on the baseboard.  I tried it last year, and have to tell you that that trick really worked!  Our baseboards really don’t have a lot of dust on them.  I am not sure how often you are suppose to repeat that process, so I am doing it once a year to insure that the baseboards stay clean.

Deep Cleaning Products:

For deep cleaning, these are some products that I love to use.

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap for Wood Floors- I mix this stuff up with some water and use old rags on our Swiffer sweeper to get the floors looking sparkly and clean.
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavendaer Multi-Surface Cleaner- I love that you can use this on all sorts of surfaces and the smell is fresh and clean.  I spray it directly onto a microfiber cloth and wipe everything clean.
  • Dyson Vacuum- This truly is such a fantastic vacuum.  We have had ours for over five years and it still works like it’s brand new.  The suction is seriously amazing and it is easy to clean…our toddler loves taking it apart!  And all of the attachments are on the vacuum, making it easy to use the different parts for the different areas of the house you are cleaning.  This post from A Bowl Full of Lemons on using the vacuum attachments is really helpful!
  • Swiffer Sweeper- I only use the Swiffer sweeper without the cloths that come with it because I like using rags and washing them.  For some reason, I feel that things get cleaner using the rags rather than those cloths anyway.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths- I love these things.  They are fantastic for wiping up and dusting everything around the house.  Since they are soft, they don’t scratch the surfaces I am cleaning.  They also work well when using them dry to pick up dust around the house.  We get dust bunnies in our front hall closet so I will just use a cloth to wipe up the floor and all of the dust is picked up without having to wet the cloth!
  • Old Baby Blankets We Took From The Hospital- You know the blankets I am talking about.  The swaddle blankets that have the blue and pink stripe on it.  Well I took the old ones, cut them in half, and now have some fantastic rags.  These are the rags I use to wash the floors using the Murphy’s Oil and Swiffer.  They are perfect for cleaning the floors and if it gets too gross, I can throw it out.
  • Large Bucket- I use this large bucket for holding the water and Murphy’s Oil mixture in.  I take the rag, get it wet in the bucket.  After squeezing the excess water out, I put it on the Swiffer and wash the floors.
  • Cleaning Carrying Caddy- I thought this caddy was just adorable and the perfect place to keep all of my cleaning supplies.  I can carry it around while I clean the house and it looks cute!


Take your time this week to truly go through your bedrooms to get them clean and organized!  Please share pictures with me as I’d love to see how you are doing with cleaning and organizing your way to a happy Spring!  Post your pictures to Facebook and Instagram and tag me @organizedmamas, and you could be featured on The Organized Mama!


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