Happy Monday, friends.  Hope you are all doing well on your Spring Clean Up Challenge!  Each week for the next seven weeks, we are going to be tackling one area of the house that needs a spring refresher, making spring cleaning not as daunting as it can appear.  Follow along on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for motivation throughout the week!

Last week was all about closets and drawers.  You can read some tips and tricks about cleaning your closets and drawers here.  This week we are working on the kitchen.  We are going to focus on:

  • Scrub sink
  • Run lemon through garbage disposal
  • Scrub counter tops by removing everything and cleaning
  • Clean all items located on the counter tops
  • Wash and disinfect all appliances
  • Scrub window on oven
  • Scrub each shelf and drawer in fridge and freezer
  • Wipe all cabinets
  • Wash all baseboards
  • Clean out all cabinets and wash insides of cabinets
  • Disinfect all cabinet and appliance knobs
  • Wash floors
  • Clean out pantry


To help ease you into getting things cleaned out for spring, I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I use to keep myself organized!  I broke them down into categories!

Counter Tops:

Spring Clean Up Challenge - Plates in Plate Rack

Our counter space is rather small so we had to get creative with how we stored things.  On the counters, I like to only keep things that I use all the time.  I have our toaster over, coffee machine, and cooking utensils on the counter tops.  All of my other small appliances are stored in the cabinets.  I would recommend keeping your counter tops as clean as you can with the least amount of stuff so you have more space to work along with keeping your space looking visually appealing.  Because who likes looking at crowded counter tops anyway, right?!  An easy trick to figure out what you should keep on the counter space is to put a sticky note on that appliance for the week.  Whichever appliances have the most sticky notes should stay.  Everything else should be stored somewhere else.  You could also tally how many times you use each appliance, as well!

Fridge And Freezer:

Spring Clean Up Challenge - Fridge

In both the fridge and freezer I have every shelf labeled with what is suppose to go on that shelf.  This makes it clear to everyone where things go and what is on each shelf.  This makes it really easy to find what you are looking for and we have reduced the cost of our grocery bill by keeping the fridge and freezer organized.  I also you bins to keep our food together.  You can read all about how I kept everything organized here.


Spring Clean Up Challenge - Cabinet Storage

We have a lot of cabinets and not a lot of drawers in our kitchen.  We actually only have two drawers, so everything has to be stored in our cabinets.  I try to keep them all organized by using bins to hold some of the smaller products that go with our appliances.  We have a hand blender that came with different blades and containers.  I put them all into one bin for easy access when I needed to use the hand blender.  I also have a lot of parts for my food processor.  I keep all of the blades for the food processor in another bin near where I store the food processor.  This makes it easy to grab everything all at once.

Another thing we did to help create space was remove some cabinet doors and added plate stands to hold our larger plates that didn’t fit into the cabinets.  We stacked the plates to be standing up.  We put our bowls, smaller plates and pasta dishes in the other open shelves to create a nice visual around the microwave.  This always gives us easy access to all of our plates.  It makes the kitchen more visually appealing since we have colorful plates.

Spring Clean Up Challenge - Spices In Cabinet

We have a lot of spices but no space to put them in, so I found these amazing spice racks at The Container Store.  They hold a lot of spices and fit into our small cabinets!  When I get spices that come in pouches, I like to keep them in glass containers, as it preserves the spices longer.  I recommend these Glass Spice Bottles with the twist top as they hold the freshness of the spices longer than the flip top ones do.

Another tip for keeping your kids’ tableware organized is to line the back of the cabinet with cups and have the plates be in the front.  That way you won’t loose things in the back behind other things.  You can read more about keeping the kids tableware organized here.


Spring Clean Up Challenge - Storage In Drawer

We don’t have a lot of drawers, as I said before.  But the drawers we do have I try to use the space to the best of my ability.  Every drawer has a drawer organizer.  I find these truly maximize your space within the drawer.  When finding an organizer, look at everything you want to put into that drawer.  Then find an organizer that will hold all of the items you want to store in the drawer.  There’s nothing worse than coming home with an drawer organizer and it not able to meet your needs.

If you do have more than two drawers, I envy you…Just kidding!  But some other ideas for storage using your drawers include:

  • Keeping plates, bowls and other dishes in a larger drawer
  • Storing your spices in a drawer
  • Store Tupperware in drawer
  • Knife storage
  • Pots and Pans


Spring Clean Up Challenge - Pantryshelf

Keeping the pantry organized has been a huge project for me.  I have been trying to keep our grocery costs down, so I organized our pantry in hopes of helping us realize what we have.  You can read about that here.  Some ways that I have done this, and have had success, is to keep all like foods in a bin on the same shelf.  Way too confusing you say?  Well it’s not if you really think about it.  I keep all canned goods on one shelf.  All baking goods on another shelf.  All kids snacks on another shelf.  And my spice shelf also has a misc. bin for things that don’t fit into any of the categories I listed above.  This has helped us find things quicker and makes me more cognizant of what we have and what we don’t use as much.

Cleaning Products:

So this wouldn’t be a spring cleaning challenge without me sharing some of my favorite cleaning products!  I have tried a variety of cleaning products and I really like using more natural cleaners as I have little kiddos running around the house and would rather not have them exposed to such harsh chemicals all the time.  None of these products were given to me.  I just actually use these products and want to share them with you.

  • My favorite multi-surface cleaner is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner in Lavender.  I love the scent and I like that it doesn’t ruin any of my surfaces so I can clean up quickly.
  • My favorite dish soap is The Honest Company Dish Soap (and I love their Veggie Wash too).
  • My favorite wood, stone and stainless steal cleaners are Seventh Generation.  The wood cleaner really makes our furniture look great!  The stone cleaner is great for our granite counter tops in the kitchen.  And the stainless steal cleaner works great for all of our kitchen appliances.
  • My favorite bathroom cleaner is Honest Company Bathroom Cleaner.  I really like how I can clean the tub and not be afraid that the kiddos will get some harsh chemical on their tushies.
  • My favorite scrubber is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  I love how they can clean anything!
  • My favorite way to clean mirrors is to spray water on them and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth!  Makes them sparkle and no harsh chemicals.
  • My favorite way to clean the garbage disposal is to put a lemon or orange down the disposal.  It makes it easy to have a fresh smell.
  • My favorite way to clean a drain is by mixing baking soda and vinegar.
  • My favorite laundry detergent is The Honest Company detergent.  I love the smell and it is wonderful on the kiddos sensitive skin.

Now you have some tools to help you sort through your kitchen and pantry!  I also shared some of my favorite cleaning supplies to help you get your house all nice and clean in hopes that spring comes soon!  Take your time this week to truly go through your kitchen and pantry to get all clean and organized!  Please share pictures with me as I’d love to see how you are doing with cleaning and organizing your way to a happy Spring!  Post your pictures to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag me @organizedmamas, and you could be featured on The Organized Mama!