It is finally starting to feel like spring, or I am trying to convince myself it is starting to feel like spring…not sure which one but happy to get out of this winter hibernation mode I have been in!  In the spirit of getting ready for spring, I am starting a spring clean-up challenge!  Each week, we will tackle one area of the house to get cleaned up and ready for spring.

Spring Cleaning Challenge Printable

Every Monday, I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to get your home clean and organized for the next seven weeks!  I will be posting clean-up pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep you motivated throughout the week!  Follow along and share your pictures, as you could be featured on The Organized Mama!

Bright and early Monday morning we will start by cleaning out all of the drawers and closets throughout your house (you can leave the kitchen cabinets for later!)  Your project for the weekend is to get boxes, bins and/or trash bags ready as we sort through clothes and other items around your house that you either want to trash, donate or keep.  If you really want to be the over-achiever, then print out or create labels for your bins and trash bags.

Here is a fantastic list compiled of almost every place imaginable that you could donate your items to.  As Miss Minimalist suggests, try to donate to places around your community first before you donate somewhere around the globe!

Print out this Weekly-Clean-Up-Challenge reminder to get you ready to get your house cleaned for the spring!  And follow along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep you motivated with tips and tricks to scale things down!

Spring Cleaning Challenge - Freshly Picked

Drum Roll Please….

On Monday, I wrote this review all about my favorite baby moccasins, Freshly Picked.  I can’t believe how many responses we got!  I truly wish I could share a pair with all of you, but I am only allowed to give away one pair.  So the winner is…

Heather Cooper!

Congratulations Heather and thank you so much for all who entered!  Now who’s ready to get your house clean for spring??