Now that it’s getting warmer, I think it’s time for some spring cleaning!  I have a list of everything that needs to be cleaned or organized and sorted that out by rooms of the house.  There are a lot of things on the list that I only do once a year, which just so happens to be in the spring because that’s when we moved into our house!  I also have some projects that we want to do around the house that I included on the list.  Some of the spring cleaning already happened thanks to me being anal and wanting to organize/clean when spaces just got out of control!

The kitchen was the first thing we reorganized and cleaned because it was just really out of control!  Now on to the other things on this list!  We probably won’t finish our “spring cleaning” until May but then we have an entire year to enjoy everything we do thus far!

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  • Clean fridge and freezer
  • Organize storage closet
  • Vacuum guest bed
  • Organize basement items
  • Organize toys

Basement Bathroom:

  • Organize bathroom items

Laundry Room:

  • Clean laundry room
  • Organize cleaning supplies in laundry room
  • Clean lint from dryer
  • Clean washer with vinegar

Office/Mud Room:

  • Organize files
  • Organize craft items
  • Put away winter items
  • Paint craft table


  • Clean and organize garage
  • Clean and organize cars


  • Clean baseboards and vents

Front Hall Closet:

  • Clean and organize closet

Living Room:

  • Clean baseboards and vents
  • Organize cabinets

Dining Room: 

  • Clean baseboards and vents
  • Organize buffet

Powder Room:

  • Organize under the sink


  • Organize cupboards
  • Clean and organize fridge and freezer
  • Clean oven
  • Clean dishwasher with vinegar and water
  • Clean under cabinets and baseboards
  • Wash out garage can and recycling bin


  • Organize pantry items


  • Organize toys
  • Make picture labels for toy bins
  • Clean baseboards

Master Bath:

  • Clean and organize drawers
  • Clean medicine cabinet
  • Clean and organize items under the sink
  • Vinegar and baking soda to the drains

Master Bedroom:

  • Clean under the bed
  • Clean under the nightstands
  • Vacuum mattress
  • Clean and organize closet
  • Organize clothes

Accessory Closet:

  • Clean and organize items

Little Man’s Room:

  • Organize closet
  • Organize toys

Little Lady’s Room:

  • Organize closet

Linen Closet:

  • Organize items in closet
  • Clean shelves

Kid’s Bathroom:

  • Clean and organize under sink
  • Paint


  • Clean grill
  • Organize grill bin
  • Plan out what I am going to plant


  • Check batteries in CO2 detector
  • Check batteries in smoke detectors

What’s on your spring cleaning checklist?  Anything I missed?