I love using storage bins to organize things. Storage bins can help you keep every area of our home organized. You just have to look at what items you have so you can find a storage bin that will work for your stuff. Never buy any storage bin until you declutter first. The reason why is because you can be using storage bins to hold clutter. So declutter first, then find storage bins that work with your stuff second. I am sharing my favorite 20 storage bins and how you can use them in your home after you declutter your things.

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Bins For Memory Boxes

I love creating memory boxes. Memory boxes are boxes that hold sentimental items for a specific family member. You use a designated box to hold those items. Because you have a specific space for those item, you are less likely to collect random things. I share more for how to create a memory box here. Below are my favorite storage bins for memory boxes.

Storage Bins For Papers

I love using storage bins for holding papers you need to deal with. Those actionable papers like bills, school permission slips, and registration forms. These storage bins are perfect for holding papers so you have a specific spot for them while you are waiting to take action on those papers. 

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Storage Bins For Drop Zones

I love drop zones. They are areas of your home that you designate for dropping all the things. Some people have mudrooms, others have a closet. No matter how you have yours set up, everyone has one! It just may take more time to get that spot organized depending on what you have going on in the space. I like using storage bins to keep the drop zones organized. Give each family member a storage bin for their backpacks, shoes, or other items so they are all contained in one place. These are my favorite storage bins for drop zones:

Bins For Small Items

Those small items you may want to store in a linen closet or under the sink. Maybe you need something to store office supplies in. These storage bins are perfect for those smaller items.

More Ways To Use Storage Bins

Using storage bins to keep you organized really do help once you declutter first. So start by decluttering the area you want to use storage bins. Then find bins that work with the items and space you have. Add labels to make sure things stay organized.

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