Cleaning supply storage can be challenging… especially if you want to keep the vacuum with the buckets, rags, and window cleaner!

I use to keep my cleaning supplies in our laundry room.  I stored them on a shelving unit I had, which was a baker’s rack I painted.

But, that always was an inconvenience when it came time to do some actual cleaning.  I would much rather prefer something near the kitchen, since that is where our messes typically occur.

Now, I like to suggest that ALL cleaning supplies be stored together.  This just helps you keep tabs on what you actually have and reduces excess clutter under sinks or in other areas of the home.

I make a cleaning caddie that holds all my cleaning supplies that I can carry from one space to another without having to worry if there are cleaning supplies in that particular location.

There are a few spaces around the house that make for the perfect cleaning supply storage.

cleaning supply storage

Mud Room

Storing a vacuum in the mud room might be the most genius idea ever.  Think about it… it is the one area of the home that gets tons of traffic from dirty shoes/boots/etc.  AND you always end up tracking in dust from the garage.

Mud rooms make the perfect spots for storing cleaning supplies if you have the space.

I have worked with clients to create space for cleaning supplies by storing the supplies under their laundry sinks, and the vacuum, brooms, etc. in between the washer and dryer.  Extra supplies go above the shelves that hold coats.

Front Hall Closet

While this space needs to hold out-of-season clothes, there could still be space for all your cleaning supplies!

Store the brooms and Swiffers on the side wall of the closet.  This gets them off the floor.

If you can store a small vacuum on the wall, do it!!  To create electrical plug-ins, try swapping out the light bulb for one that has an outlet in it.

Store your cleaning supplies on the shelve above where the coats hang.

Cleaning Closet

If you have a spare closet, try turning it into a cleaning closet to store cleaning supplies.

Hang brooms, Swiffers, step stools, etc.

Store your cleaning supplies on shelves organized by category.  Store extra supplies behind each other and pull toward the front when you grab something.

Try to keep all your cleaning supplies together to make it easier for grabbing exactly what you need in a cleaning emergency, instead of hunting it down all over the house!

Linen Closet

Another useful place to store cleaning supplies is in the linen closet.  Store just as you would in a cleaning closet.  Mark off a space in the linen closet that would hold all your cleaning supplies.

So go round up all your cleaning supplies, and start storing them all together!  Make a cleaning caddie to carry your cleaning supplies around.  Now you will be ready to clean any mess your kiddos make!

how to organize cleaning supplies

Interested in how to create a cleaning caddie??  Check out this post for my tutorial:

create a cleaning caddie



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