I feel like my fridge can never stay organized because it’s so small and awkward.  It’s a side-by-side fridge with semi-deep shelves that everything seems to get lost in.  I have shared many attempts to get our fridge organized over the years and every time we have an event or even a trip to the grocery store, the fridge looses its organizational system.  Which means that the system wasn’t very effective in the first place!  If you can’t organize quickly after a trip to the grocery store, then the system wasn’t meant to be.

Take A Peek Into My Fridge

Take A Peek Into My Fridge

Today for the organize back to school challenge, we are focusing on the fridge.  I have looked to create a different system for our fridge and have found some amazing resources.  Becky from The Clean Mama has some great tips for cleaning the fridge.  Toni from A Bowl Full Of Lemons has some great tips for organizing a double-door fridge.  And, of course, Jen from IHeart Organizing did an amazing round-up of wonderful tips for fridge organization.

After reading some of these wonderful suggestions, I decided to I needed some containers that would hold lunch meat, veggies, and baking supplies.  These are the toughest things to keep organized in our fridge, so by finding containers to hold my items, I should be able to keep things organized.

Take A Peek Into My Fridge - Sandwich Meat

I went searching for containers that could hold these items.  Since our fridge is small, I didn’t want a large container taking up lots of space.  I found these clear handled storage containers from The Container Store, which would be the perfect space to hold our lunch  meats and veggies!  I also purchased some multi-purpose bins to hold some baking supplies.  They are large enough to hold everything but narrow to fit in our fridge.  I was looking for a fridge shelf liner to keep the shelves clean, but everything was super expensive!

I decided to go to Target and get some plastic place mats to use in place of the fridge coasters.  I found some super cute, kind-of-kitchy place mats that would be perfect for the fridge, and they were on sale!  I like the idea of a place mat in the fridge so I can just take it out, wipe it down, and put it back in the fridge without having to do a lot of work.  Our shelves get super messy, super quickly, so this should be helpful in keeping them semi-clean.

Take A Peek Into My Fridge - Plastic Placemat Fridge Coaster

Once I got home, I cleared out the fridge.  I had to cut some of the plastic place mats to fit the shelves.  If you have a larger fridge and are planning on using plastic place mats, make sure that the patterns line up, otherwise it might look funny!  When all the shelves were lined with their new fridge shelf liner, I started to sort our food into categories.  I know what we typically have each week, so I made sure to keep a basket for all the items we have, such as lettuce, carrots, zucchini, and lots of fruit.  I try to take all the fruit out of the original containers, wash them, and put them in Tupperware so they are ready to eat.

After putting all the food back onto the shelves, I looked at the door shelves, and grouped them into like categories.  I kept all the condiments and sauces on the door shelves so they won’t get lost on the shelves.  I added some fun vinyl labels and now I have a clean and organized fridge!

Take A Peek Into My Fridge - Drink Up Door Shelf Fridge

I am hoping that I can put in a good attempt to keep my fridge organized, but when things get busy is when we will see if this system really will work.  After all of this research in how to organize a fridge effectively, I have learned a lot and, hopefully, can put it all to good use by keeping our fridge organized.

  • Keep fridge shelves clean by using plastic place mat or fridge shelf liner
  • Use bins to store items so they are easily accessible
  • Wash and prep food as soon as possible
  • Take all food out of original containers and put into Tupperware
  • Use doors to hold sauces and condiments
  • Label your shelves

Take A Peek Into My Fridge - Fridge Organization

Now it’s your turn to get your fridge organized!  Clean everything and create some organization systems that will help you keep your fridge organized!  Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more pictures and tips!  And share your progress using the #organizeback2school!

The Organized Mama