Our home is an older home (built in the 1950’s). We have found tons of fun and interesting things that were done while building the house. Things like a pocket door that was covered with molding, windows that were bigger on the outside of the house than on the inside, and crazy electrical panels. So we have had to update some of these interesting things as we find them.

One thing that we had to do was organize electrical panels. The circuits were so random, we needed a way to streamline them. Plus, we wanted to add in Legrand USB outlets in our living room for the One Room Challenge!!

The Best Ways To Organize Electrical Panels

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It is always best to make sure all your circuits are labeled correctly. I have ours labeled by area, because some circuits are created through a few rooms together.

If you are unsure which breaker goes to which circuit, do what we did… Put a lamp or kitchen appliance to every single plug-in throughout the house. Turn the entire circuit breaker off. Then turn one on at a time. Run around the house like a crazy person trying to figure out which circuit goes with which breaker.

Make sure to label that breaker appropriately or you will have to do it again… not that we have any experience with this!!

Changing Outlets

Once you know which breakers goes which each circuit, you have swap out the electrical outlets!! Now, why would you want to swap out the outlets, you may ask?? Well, there are outlets that have USB plug ins already built in!!

These plug ins from Legrand are absolutely perfect for adding some tech function to any space. For this project, we called an electrician to install. There are some things that I just don’t mess around with, and electrical is one of them!!

My electrician’s company uses Legrand products for their jobs as well, so you know it is a quality product!!

Now we have USB plug-ins in our living room, so the kids can veg out while changing their devices… because, let’s face it, they are never charged!!

And the kiddos can hang out while lying on our new rug, that I absolutely love! It totally complements the room and I don’t have to swap out the ottoman!! So the countdown is on for the reveal of the One Room Challenge for our living room!! Check out my recent updates!!

Next week I will share the entire room!! I can’t wait!!

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