Happy Monday friends!  I am so excited to share with you all The Organized Mama Paper Craftery on Etsy!  It’s a place where paper crafting is what we do!  I have worked really hard to create wonderful paper products for you to keep your family organized, along with fantastic paper crafts!

The Organized Mama Paper Craftery

The Organized Mama Paper Craftery

I have some fantastic printables to keep you and your family organized.  I have daily and weekly planners with to-do lists, daily and weekly goals, and other goodies to keep you organized.  Some planners are also there to help keep you inspired on all the good that is going on in your day.  I have created some planners with daily and weekly “ta-da” lists, which allows you to record all that you have accomplished for the day or week.  By focusing on all you have accomplished, you are sure to keep your day or week positive!

The Organized Mama Paper Craftery - Lets Do This Gratitude

Along with planner printables, I am also sharing paper garland to use as decoration for mantels, parties, and more!  Take a look around and let me know what you think!

The Organized Mama Paper Craftery - Leaves Garland

Also, today is day 10 of the organizing back to school challenge.  Yesterday we talked all about setting up schedules and routines.  Since you took the time to write out your schedules and routines for this upcoming school year, today we are focusing on starting to implement them!  Start out slow.  Tonight, get to bed a little earlier than you did the last week.  Slowly get back into your school-year routine by getting to bed at a normal hour, and waking up around the time you would when schools starts.  By slowly easing yourself back into your old routine, things won’t seem so overwhelming and you will just naturally get back into your groove!

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