Do your kids get obsessed over movie characters? Like they want to become the character and reenact scenes from the movie? I know I can’t be alone in this!! My kids typically act out movies using their action figures. Their newest reenactment is from How To Train Your Dragon 3. So when they want to reenact the movie, they prefer that all their action figures for that movie be in one central location.

Flatlay of How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie box set with action figure dragons and t-shirt

So finding a toy storage solution for storing those action figures was a top priority!  I needed an easy way that my kids’ action figures would stay together with each other but still fit into out bench where toys are stored. I headed to my local Walmart to see what I could find.

Looking down into a container with dragons from How To Train Your Dragon 3 for easy toy storage

Where To Shop

I started my hunt for the perfect solution for toy storage of action figures by making a trip to Walmart. While there I knew I needed to grab the How to Train Your Dragon 3 Walmart Exclusive DVD Gift Set, which includes 2 Funko keychains. Plus, I wanted to grab the kiddos another action figure to add to the collection. I mean how could I not add some new dragons to the mix, since there is a new girl dragon in How To Train Your Dragon 3!!

If you haven’t seen any of the movies, it is a really sweet story of a boy and his dragon who both try to navigate their way through adulthood, while kids think it is a cool movie about dragons. A win-win for grown-ups to enjoy during a family movie night!! It is such a great family movie that my kids’ enjoy watching and playing with their action figures!!

Two white boxes stacked on top of each other to demonstrate toy storage of action figures. Top bin is open to show dragons that coinsides with label on bin

Toy Storage

Once I got home, I collected all their action figures and broke them up by movie/show. I started with How To Train Your Dragon, since that is the most popular reenactment for them right now! I put all the action figures for that one movie into a bin that fit the dimensions of our toy storage bench.

I added a custom vinyl label to the bin. Then I repeated this process for each of the shows/movies they have action figures for.

bench with cushion and colorful pillows. under bench two white bins with black labels that say dragons and toys to demonstrate toy storage of action figures

To store, stack the bins into the cube under the bench. For us, we could get 2 bins into one cube.

side shot of bench with white bins and black labels to demonstrate how to store action figures for toy storage

For us, this solution worked like a charm! I broke our action figures up into 4 categories based on what the kids were interested in to create easy toy storage. Then we labeled all 4 bins. I stored the bins near the places where the kids’ play. So the dragons are near the kitchen because they love to have the dragons fly around and land on our kitchen countertops. While the dolls are near the doll house. Try to keep it simple when organizing action figures and keep them near where the kids play with them.

looking inside two white stacked bins with black lettering that say "dragons" with dragons from the movie How To Train Your Dragon 3 inside

Head to Walmart and purchase the new release of How to Train Your Dragon 3 Walmart Exclusive DVD Gift Set today!

DVD of How To Train Your Dragon 3 next to two white bins with dragons from the movie inside

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