It is that time of year again… the season of gift-giving and family time! But all that gift-giving can truly add to extra clutter around your home. That, in itself, can be incredibly overwhelming.

So, instead of asking for all the toys that just end up cluttering your home, why not ask for unique gifts for kids that don’t take much space in your home? Rather, think of more experiences, events, and activities that can be given as gifts!

There is extensive research on the topic of too many toys and a child’s ability to concentration and care for their possessions when they are given too much at one time. Children, especially young children, are still learning executive functioning skills, such as creating a plan and executing said plan. If they have too many choices, then they are unable to concentration on said plan. This translates into kids saying they are “bored”. They are saying they are “bored” because they cannot focus on one toy at one time, causing them to get overwhelmed.

Start by gathering up about two-thirds of the kids’ toys and store them to be rotated out. Each month, bring out a few new bins of toys while you put away other bins of toys that were not played with as frequently. To do this easily, I suggest getting all the same bins for every category of toy you have in your home. Then only keep out between 5-8 bins and a few correlating larger toys that fit into the categories of the bins that are already out. For example, if you have a bin of cars and trucks, then larger cars and trucks can be out as well. Store the remaining toys in a separate location where the kids don’t have access to. Set a reminder on your phone to swap out toys once a month (or more frequently if needed). For more on how to clear the clutter on kids’ toys, you can check out this post and get the free 6 step printable!!

Now, I am not saying no toys every. I am just saying be mindful of the amount of toys you are asking. Have your kids assess their toys and ask for toys they would like to grow their collection of already-owned types of toys. Like, do they love Hot Wheels? Maybe the can ask for a new Hot Wheels Track if they don’t have one already. This helps you put away toys into already categorized bins, instead of trying to “find a place” because they own nothing else like that toy and have already forgotten about it!

To help keep the toy clutter at bay, try asking for these unique gifts for kids instead of just toys from every family member!

Unique Gifts For Kids That Don’t Clutter Your Home


Is there an activity or class your child really wants to participate in? Why not ask for the gift of a class! My kiddos’ each got to go to a cooking class last year. In addition to the picture of cooking, they were given a wooden spoon and mixing bowl. By adding something to the gift of a class or activity, young children will slowly start to realize that this was given to them by a family member, which is always such a nice present!


Each year, my kids get the gift of going to a play with the grandparents. We have a local theater that puts on kids’ plays. This is a great gift because spending time with the grandparents can be fun for the kids, and they get to experience a play! Local high school theaters or local children’s theater companies have plays that would be perfect for most ages.


Whether it be a magazine subscription or a monthly box subscription, this is a fun option to reduce extra toy clutter from your home this holiday season. We love the Highlights Magazine Hidden Picture magazines that are stored in the car. We have also tried Kiwi Crate and are wanting to try Little Passports as well. With lots of subscription options, this would be a fun monthly gift the kids can receive throughout the year, rather than just at one time during the holiday season.


Another option for younger children is to get a membership to a local children’s museum, zoo, or play space. When my kids were young, we got the gift of a membership to our local children’s museum and it was amazing because I was able to take them to the museum every week and not have to worry about finding an activity to do in the middle of winter or the heat of summer.

Art Boxes

My kids are really into crafting activities. So we love getting craft boxes so they can just create whenever they feel inclined. My favorite craft box is from Kid Made Modern. I love this art box because everything in it the kids can actually use to make stuff! Other craft boxes come with things like tissue paper that is always thrown away because the kids never use it for anything. But in this box, you get different size pipe cleaners, sewing, beads, pom poms, felt, and glue.

There are tons of other options as well! We love the paint kit and the markers!! (This is not sponsored, we love all these products and have asked for them for the holidays!!)

Photo Books

Another fun gift we have loved receiving are photo books. They would make adorable stocking stuffers or just a fun present for the kids! I have used most of the photo books sites and have found the Chatbooks, Mixbook, or Minted are the best. Chatbooks is super easy with very little work to create. Mixbook allows for some creativity in what you create for the book. While Minted you can create photo gifts instead of a book. Which is a great option if you don’t need an entire book, just a few pictures to be displayed.

More Unique Gifts For Kids

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Unique Gifts For Adults

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