Yesterday for our organize back to school challenge, we got the fridge organized!  By completing small organizational projects throughout the month of August, we will be ready for back to school with minimal tears for everyone!  So we are taking that momentum from yesterday’s fridge organization and using it to get the freezer organized as well.  I have some super easy tricks for getting your freezer organized!

Ways To Organize A Freezer That Won't Freeze Your Budget

Ways To Organize A Freezer That Won’t Freeze Your Budget

Group Freezer Food Into Categories

Using a different shelf or space in your freezer, mark it off for holding only one kind of food.  For example, I use an entire shelf just for our frozen chicken products.  When I am meal-planning , it is easy to find what meat I am looking for because of how I have it organized.  I have a shelf for chicken, turkey, other meats, veggies/fruits, and other.  My other shelf holds waffles, pancakes, and Popsicles.

Food Prep

Before you store your food in the freezer, make sure it is packaged just right.  If I buy something from the butcher, I make sure we either vacuum-seal the food, or put it in a air-tight container.  This way you don’t end up wasting money on food that has horrible freezer burn or is inedible due to lack of food prep for the freezer.

Date Items

If you are making something ahead of time, add the date to the food so you remember when you purchased it.  I love using Washi tape and a permanent marker to write the date on any Tupperware, baggie, or freezer bag.  It helps keep things organized, and is really useful when it comes to meal-planning so you know what you have to eat by when.

Freezer Bins

Using freezer bins has been a huge way to organize the space efficiently.  I bought a bunch of freezer bins from The Container Store to keep things organized a while back, and still find them incredibly useful today.  This is how I keep all of our like items together.  I use one for storing our chicken, one for turkey, and one for other meats.  They really help keep things organized.

Ways To Organize A Freezer - Turkey Freezer

Now it’s your turn.  Open that freezer and start organizing.  Group like-items together and store in a freezer bin.  Prep all of your food so it’s ready to go in the freezer and date the food before storing in the freezer.  So get to work and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more pictures and tips!  And share your progress using the #organizeback2school!  I want to see those organized freezers!