With winter approaching, I am trying to get our diaper bag ready for the change in seasons!  I know some moms who pack the diaper bag every time they leave the house, but that doesn’t work for us.  I need the diaper bag to be ready with almost everything we need when it’s time to go mostly because I am always running late and will forget something important.  Obviously, with the change in seasons, I will pack hats, gloves, coats and blankets for winter while making sure to have a hat and sunscreen during the summer, but there are some basic necessities that I must have in the diaper bag at all times.

When the little man was first-born, I didn’t have much in the diaper bag as he really didn’t need much.  Diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra clothes, burp rags, pacifier and a nursing cover/blanket was all I really needed.  I put everything into Ziploc bags because if anything got soiled, I could throw it in the bag and not have to worry about things getting full of baby poo in the diaper bag.  I know some people who use cute, reusable totes to store things in their diaper bags, but I just never would take the time to clean a cute little tote that was filled with poo!

What To Pack In The Diaper Bag

Once he started to eat solids, I needed to make sure I had more in the bag so I added some disposable bibs and place mats along with his food and possibly a bottle.

What To Pack In The Diaper Bag

I got both the Table Topper place mats and Munchkin disposable bibs at Target.  We tried the reusable place mats and bringing bibs from home, but I would either forget to clean them, or would forget them at the restaurant.  For our family, this is the easiest solution for having a nice meal outside the home.
Then, when he started to eat items off the menu at restaurants, I added some toys to keep him occupied along with some snacky foods and a sippy cup.

What To Pack In The Diaper Bag

The toys really vary from books, finger puppets, textured flashcards on a ring and a small race car.  The little man usually doesn’t play with anything I brought, but would rather look around/walk around the restaurant, play with the spoons and straws and anything else on the table!

We have found that when we go out to a restaurant with the little man now, that it is easier to order as soon as we sit down instead of waiting and asking for his food first.  This has helped since our little guy is such a slow eater.

Hope this list helps you figure out what to pack in your diaper bag!