I get asked frequently for lists of places where to donate clothes, books, furniture, etc. And, to be totally honest, there is a huge list of places that will accept gently used/new items! Because, let’s face it, we all have had those new items that never got used and now need a new home.

I have spend a lot of time researching national and local organizations and what they will accept. Since this list is like ridiculously long, I suggest grabbing a few organizations that speak to you and use those as your go-to donation places! There are national organizations and local Chicago organizations, with lists of items they take including where to donate clothes Chicago!

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where to donate clothes chicago including full list of national and local to Chicago organizations and what they accept for donation services.

National Organizations


Benefits: Help individuals with barriers to employment learn the skills to find competitive employment
Accepts: Clothing, electronics, appliances, furniture, and more

Salvation Army
Benefits: Provide community programs, homeless services, rehabilitation, disaster relief, and assistance to those in need
Accepts: Clothing, furniture, household goods, sporting equipment, books, electronics, and more

Vietnam Veterans of America
Benefits: Help Vietnam-era veterans and their families
Accepts: Clothing, baby items, housewares, electronics, small appliances, tools, and just about anything else

Volunteers of America
Benefits: Support at-risk youth, elderly, men and women returning from prison, homeless individuals and families, people with disabilities, and those recovering from addictions
Accepts: Clothing, furniture, toys, and household goods for their thrift stores

Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation
Benefits: Provide needed items to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota
Accepts: From school, sewing, crafts, sporting, baby, and office supplies, to toiletries, clothing, Christmas gifts, holiday items, bed, bath and kitchen linens, cold weather gear, crayons and more (see website for specific needs)

Operation Give
Benefits: Work around the world to give our troops the ability to serve others after they have retired from the Armed Forces
Accepts: Toys, school supplies, art supplies, sports equipment, and more (Fedex provides FREE shipping from anywhere in the US to their warehouse)

The Help Kenya Project
Benefits: Provide Kenya’s students with science, English, and computer skills
Accepts: Used computers, books, clothing, sports equipment, and other supplies

Cause USA
Benefits: Send gift packs to wounded military personnel and their families
Accepts: Playing cards, handheld electronic games, current magazines, batteries, travel-size toiletries, and more

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach
Benefits: Send care packages to deployed soldiers
Accepts: Travel-size toiletries, packaged food, flea collars, batteries, tube socks, envelopes, trash bags, and more


Dress for Success
Benefits: Provide interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women
Accepts: Women’s business suits and other professional apparel, footwear, and accessories

Career Gear
Benefits: Provide under-served job-seeking men with training, career counseling, interviews, and professional clothing
Accepts: Men’s suits, dress shirts, ties, shoes, briefcases, and other interview-appropriate clothing

The Women’s Alliance
Benefits: Provide professional attire and career skills training to low income women and their families
Accepts: Women’s business clothing and professional accessories

Sew Much Comfort
Benefits: Provide adaptive clothing to wounded service men and women in military hospitals (designed to look like normal attire while accommodating their injuries)
Accepts: Basketball shorts, boxers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and bottoms; also twill, flannel, and woven shirting fabric

Benefits: Provide clothes to people around the world who are in desperate need
Accepts: New or gently-worn clean clothing

Planet Aid
Benefits: Provide clothing to people in developing nations, and fund community, health, agricultural, and vocational programs
Accepts: Gently-used, unsoiled, functional clothing and shoes

Benefits: Distribute shoes to people in need in over 125 countries
Accepts: All types of new or gently-worn shoes: athletic, running, dress, sandals, pumps, heels, work boots, cleats, dance, and flip flops

Diamonds for Dreams
Benefits: Grant wishes for terminal breast cancer patients
Accepts: Diamonds, estate jewelry, and other specialty jewelry items

Indigo Rescue
Benefits: Assist county animal shelters, and rehabilitate pets and place them in adoptive homes
Accepts: Jewelry (for fundraising events)

Animal Guardian Network
Benefits: Rescue and place homeless pets with loving families, and assist low-income seniors and financially disadvantaged individuals with their pet care
Accepts: Gently-used designer handbags to sell in their boutique

EventBrite Non Profit Fundraising Page

Benefits: Create a non profit fundraising event page to generate money to organizations you love.


Brides Against Breast Cancer
Benefits: Operates a wish-granting service enabling patients to make special memories with their loved ones
Accepts: New and used wedding gowns from 2005 to present

Brides Across America
Benefits: Provide wedding gowns to military brides in need
Accepts: New or gently-used bridal gowns, not more than three years old

Benefits: Provide special occasion dresses to girls for Prom, Sweet 16, Quinceañera or formal events
Accepts: Prom and special occasion dresses for young women


Project Night Night
Benefits: Reduce the trauma of homeless children with Night Night Packages of childhood comforts
Accepts: Stuffed animals, blankets, and children’s books

SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies)
Benefits: Collect items to give to children in emotional, traumatic, or stressful situations (like fires, illness, abuse, homelessness, and natural disasters)
Accepts: New or gently-used stuffed animals

Loving Hugs
Benefits: Send stuffed animals to children living in war zones, refugee camps, orphanages, hospitals, and natural disaster areas
Accepts: New or very gently-used stuffed animals

Newborns in Need
Benefits: Provide care necessities to local agencies and hospitals serving premature, ill, or impoverished newborns
Accepts: Baby clothing, toys, and other items; also fabric, yarn, thread, and other supplies

Touching Little Lives
Benefits: Provide necessity items to needy infants in Ohio
Accepts: Baby clothing, booties, toys, blankets and other items; also flannel, thread, batting, and yarn

Ronald McDonald House
Benefits: Provide a “home-away-from-home” for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost
Accepts: New toys, food, and household products


World Computer Exchange
Benefits: Provide used computers and technology to schools, libraries, community centers & universities in developing countries
Accepts Computers, laptops, printers, hard drives, software, and other electronics

National Cristina Foundation
Benefits: Provide computer technology to people with disabilities or economic disadvantages, to enable them to lead more independent and productive lives
Accepts: Desktops, notebooks, printers, peripherals, software, and more

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Benefits: Work to eliminate domestic violence, and empower battered women and children
Accepts: Used cell phones

Games for Heroes
Benefits: Provide emotional support to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
Accepts: Handheld video game devices like Game Boys, PSP, and Nintendo DS

Get-Well Gamers Foundation
Benefits: Bring video game systems to children’s hospitals, for entertainment and pain management
Accepts: Video games, systems, controllers, and other accessories

Computer Recycling Center
Benefits: Place computers in public community programs through Computers & Education™, and recycle unusable items to keep them out of landfills
Accepts: Computers, laptops, home electronics

HopeLine from Verizon
Benefits: Provide refurbished phones to local domestic violence organizations
Accepts: No-longer-used wireless phones, batteries and accessories in any condition from any wireless service provider

Cell Phones for Soldiers
Benefits: Use the money from recycling cell phones to purchase calling cards for troops in need
Accepts: Used cell phones

iOS Device Recycling Program
Benefits: Bring high technology mobile devices (installed with educational apps) into classrooms
Accepts: iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches

Fireside International
Benefits: Use mobile devices to advance education in Haiti
Accepts: iPods, iPads, iPhones


Benefits: Match America’s school teachers with donations of classroom resources
Accepts: A variety of school supplies, materials, and equipment

The GrayMatters Foundation
Benefits: Support and empower people impacted by brain tumors through outreach, awareness, and assistance programs
Accepts: Stickers, postage stamps, blank or encouragement cards and envelopes

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Benefits: Funds worldwide research efforts and nationwide programs to aid those with neuromuscular diseases
Accepts: Computers, software, office equipment, furniture, and supplies for use in local offices

Develop Africa
Benefits: Provide books, school and teaching supplies, scholarships, and job-related training in Africa
Accepts: A wide variety of school and office supplies

Pens for Kids
Benefits: Send pens to kids in Africa to assist them with getting an education
Accepts: New and used pens of every type, color, size, shape, and quantity


International Book Project
Benefits: Promote education and literacy by sending quality used books overseas
Accepts: Textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, vocational books, and children’s books

Global Literacy Project
Benefits: Foster community-based literacy initiatives throughout the world
Accepts: In need of Pre-K to 12th grade reading books as well as Math and science textbooks

Darien Book Aid
Benefits: Peace Corps volunteers, libraries and schools all over the world
Accepts: A variety of new and gently-used books. Please call before shipping, to make sure your donations fit their needs

Books for Africa
Benefits: Help create a culture of literacy by shipping books to libraries and classrooms in Africa
Accepts: A wide variety of new and gently-used books, generally 15 years old or newer

The Bridge of Books Foundation
Benefits: Provide books to children in low-income families, particularly through foster family agencies, homeless shelters, underfunded schools, and neighborhood centers
Accepts: New and used children’s books, from preschool through high school

Books Through Bars
Benefits: Send quality reading and educational material to prisoners, thereby promoting successful community re-integration
Accepts: A variety of new and gently-used books

Books for Soldiers
Benefits: Facilitate the direct donation of books to soldiers serving overseas
Accepts: Books and magazines (as well as CDs, DVDs, and video games) requested by soldiers

Benefits: Place books in inner-city schools, youth centers, homeless shelters, family literacy centers, after-school enrichment programs, children’s group homes, and juvenile detention facilities
Accepts: Quality, gently-used children’s books appropriate for infants to 18 years of age

Better World Books
Benefits: Sell books to help fund literacy programs worldwide
Accepts: A wide variety of books


Benefits: Create movie libraries for children’s hospitals and pediatric wards across the US
Accepts: DVDs

Benefits: Provide DVDs to VA facilities for veterans in rehabilitation
Accepts: DVDs and portable DVD players

Benefits: Sell used DVDs and CDs, and donate the proceeds to the SPCA
Accepts: DVDs and CDs

Musicians On Call
Benefits: Provide hospitals with complete CD libraries and players for patient use
Accepts: New or gently-used CDs and new, unused personal CD players


Care Wear
Benefits: Provide handmade baby items to premature infants in neonatal intensive care units
Accepts: Yarn, flannel, broadcloth, and other fabrics suitable for children’s toys, apparel, and blankets/quilts

A Little Something
Benefits: Help refugee women in Denver, CO become self-sufficient through crafting
Accepts: Leftover or unwanted beads or jewelry-making supplies, weaving fiber, knitting needles, and natural fiber yarn

Beads of Courage
Benefits: Provide arts-in-medicine for children with serious illnesses
Accepts: All types of beads, of any color and shape

The Mending Hearts Project
Benefits: Assist low income families, teen and single mothers, and mothers with premature infants in neonatal intensive care units
Accepts: Handcrafted items, yarn, and sewing supplies

Afghans Etc for Charity
Benefits: Brighten the lives of children with cancer and other medical issues
Accepts: Crochet and knitting supplies, and handcrafted items

Binky Patrol
Benefits: Distribute homemade blankets (sewn, knitted, crocheted, or quilted) to children in need
Accepts: Fabric, yarn, batting, and finished blankets

The Knitting Connection
Benefits: Distribute supplies to volunteers to make hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, afghans, baby booties, layette sets, and Christmas stockings for children in need
Accepts: Yarn, knitting needles, knitting books, and finished knitted/crocheted items

Many Arms Reach You
Benefits: Collect and donate knitted, quilted, or crocheted blankets to disadvantaged mothers and their children
Accepts: Yarn

The Mother Bear Project
Benefits: Provide hand-knit and crocheted bears to children with HIV/AIDS in emerging nations
Accepts: Yarn, knitting needles, PolyFil, postage stamps, packing tape

Knots of Love
Benefits: Provide crocheted and knitted caps for chemo patients and others facing life-threatening illnesses and injuries
Accepts: Yarn

Made 4 Aid
Benefits: Sell handmade items on Etsy to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders
Accepts: A variety of handmade items, as well as arts and crafts materials

Inklude Studio
Benefits: Provide a creative environment for adult artists with Autism
Accepts: A variety of fabric, art supplies, photography and computer equipment

ArtBridge Houston
Benefits: Provide an arts program for children in homeless shelters
Accepts: Art supplies including paper, colored pencils, watercolor paints, paintbrushes, stencils, markers

Children’s Healing Art Project
Benefits: Create art classes for children in Portland’s children’s hospitals
Accepts: A variety of arts supplies


One World Running
Benefits: Provide running shoes to those in need in the US and throughout the world
Accepts: New and near-new running shoes

Bikes for the World
Benefits: Donate bicycles to developing countries, so that individuals can get to work or school, or provide health and education services to low-income rural people
Accepts: Any serviceable adult or children’s bicycles, as well as bike parts, tools, and accessories

Bicycles for Humanity
Benefits: Send bicycles to developing countries, to empower disadvantaged people through improved access to food and water, employment, healthcare, education and social opportunities
Accepts: Bicycles, as well as bike parts, tools, clothing, helmets, tires, and tubes

Opportunity Through Baseball
Benefits: Provide baseball equipment to impoverished children in the Dominican Republic and around the world
Accepts: Baseballs, gloves, mitts, batts, helmets, and more

Benefits: Distribute soccer supplies to communities in need, to empower youth and maximize hope
Accepts: Soccer gear like balls, shoes, jerseys, shorts, and socks


Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation
Benefits: Under-funded music programs
Accepts: Gently-used band and orchestral instruments

Marching Mountains
Benefits: Supply public school band programs in distressed counties in Appalachia with donated new and used musical instruments
Accepts: Musical instruments in good working condition (mainly for marching and concert bands)

Operation Happy Note
Benefits: Send musical instruments to deployed service men and women throughout the world
Accepts: New or gently-used guitars, violins, mandolins, banjos, keyboards, horns of any kind, harmonicas, and bagpipes

Education Through Music
Benefits: Promote the integration of music into the curricula of disadvantaged schools in order to enhance students’ academic performance and general development
Accepts: A variety of musical instruments


Unite for Sight
Benefits: Support eye care for patients living in extreme poverty in developing countries
Accepts: New reading glasses, distance glasses, and sunglasses

One Sight
Benefits: Provide free vision care and eye wear to people in need around the world
Accepts: 2 million pairs of gently-used eye wear

New Eyes for the Needy
Benefits: Send eyeglasses to medical missions and international charitable organizations for distribution to the poor in developing nations
Accepts: Eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, hearing aids


Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Cars for Kids’ Sake
Benefits: Provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better
Accepts: All types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motor homes, boats, airplanes, farm equipment, and construction equipment

Habitat for Humanity Cars for Homes
Benefits: Build and rehabilitate houses for families in need
Accepts: Cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and construction equipment

American Diabetes Association
Benefits: Strive to prevent and cure diabetes, and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes
Accepts: Cars, trucks, trailers, boats, and RVs

National Foundation for Cancer Research
Benefits: Support cancer research and public education relating to prevention, earlier diagnosis, better treatments and ultimately, a cure for cancer.
Accepts: Cars, trucks, boats, and SUVs


National Furniture Bank
Benefits: Provide beds, tables, chairs, and other crucial home furnishings to over 100,000 people in need each year
Accepts: Beds, dressers, nightstands, tables, chairs, sofas, lamps, and more

Project C.U.R.E.
Benefits: Donate medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics around the world
Accepts: New and used medical equipment and supplies, including crutches, wheelchairs, and beds

Benefits: Provide humanitarian relief to children around the globe
Accepts: Foreign coins and notes

Chemo Angels
Benefits: Brighten the lives of those undergoing IV chemo treatment
Accepts: Retailer gift cards, valid or expired (can still be used in CA)

Benefits: Provide safety and counseling to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in El Paso and Teller counties
Accepts: Grocery and retailer gift cards, used cell phones

Make-A-Wish Foundation
Benefits: Grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions
Benefits: Retailer gift cards and gift certificates

St. Jude’s Ranch
Benefits: Serve all abused, abandoned, and neglected children and families in a safe, homelike environment
Accepts: Used greeting cards

Local Illinois Donation Centers

Phone: 708-388-7800
Accepts: Household items and clothing
Benefits: Veterans
Pickup: Suburbs: Yes   City: depends on Zip code
The Ark
Phone: 773-862-5011
Accepts: Household items, furniture, clothing, appliances under ten years old, but no baby items, mattresses/box springs or TVs
Benefits: Low income families in the Chicagoland Jewish community
Pickup: City and northern suburbs. Requires at least two large pieces of furniture to send truck.
Drop Off: During regular business hours: 1302 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL or 3100 Dundee Road #802 Northbrook 9-12 1st Sunday of the month.
Better Sister Growth Network
Phone: 773-701-6950
Accepts: Men, women and children’s clothing, baby items and personal care items (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc…)
Benefits: Homeless men, domestic violence victims, expecting mothers and families in need.
Pick-up: Not available
Drop off: 1017 W. 102nd Street – Sunday’s only side door. 12338 S. Halsted – Wednesdays 7pm or Saturdays 9am.
Bridge to Success
Phone: 312.733.9742
Accepts:  Men & Women’s professional/business clothing (especially plus size, tall, and men’s shoes) and contemporary/in season men & women’s casual clothing, shoes, and accessories. Clothing must be clean and in good condition
Benefits:  Low/no-income men, women, and youth job-seekers
Pick-up:  Not available at this time
Drop off: 1236 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60607
Brown Elephant
Phone: 773-549-5943
Accepts: Furniture, clothing, housewares, artwork, electronics, and books/media. Does NOT accept: Tube-TV’s, beds, or bed-related items.
Benefits: Howard Brown Health Center
Pickup: Yes
Drop Off: Various LocationsCancer Federation
Phone: 800-962-3260
Accepts:  Household items, clothing, toys, books, instruments (no pianos or organs)  No computers, humidifiers, mattresses or box springs
Benefits: American Cancer Society
Pick-up: Suburbs: Northern Yes  City and Southern Suburbs: depends on Zip CodeCatholic Charities Emergency Assistance
Phone: 312-655-7510
Accepts: Clothing, household wares and Hygiene Kits
Benefits: Those In Need
Pickup: Yes
Drop Off: 721 N. LaSalle, Chicago, ILCell Phones for Soldiers
Accepts: Cell phones
Benefits: Troops stationed overseas
Drop Off: Through the mail (free shipping)Charity Pick-Up Services
Phone: 877-337-3873
Accepts: Clothing, shoes, linens, toys and other household items as well as special pickups from garage sales, estate sales, household downsizing or pre-move clean-ups
Benefits: Vietnam Veterans of America and the Military Order of the Purple Heart
Pick Up: YesChicago Abused Women Coalition
Phone: 773-489-9081
Accepts:  They have an ever-changing “wish list”, so call ahead
Benefits: Abused women
Pickup: No
Drop Off: 1160 N. Kedzie, Chicago, ILClearbrook
Phone: 847-577-0267
Accepts: Clothing, furniture, household items.  No computers, TV, curtain rods mattresses/box springs
Benefits: Children and adults with developmental disabilities
Pickup:  Furniture only Monday-Friday City and suburbs
Drop Off: 1815 W. Central Road, Arlington Heights, ILComputers for Schools
Phone: 800-939-6000
Accepts: Computers and cell phones
Benefits: Schools and other nonprofits, both city and suburbs
Pickup: Yes – fee for small pickups, no charge for 30 or more computers
Drop Off: 3053 N. Knox, Chicago, IL

Cradles to Crayons
Phone 312-767-1008
Email: communitychicago@cradlestocrayons.org
Accepts: Clothes, shoes,toys, books and school supplies and nursery items
Benefits: Low income & homeless children from birth to age 12
Pickup: Not available
Drop Off: Multiple locations click link

Encore and More
Phone: 847-853-8888
Accepts: Clothing, accessories, small furniture and appliances
Benefits: National Council for Jewish Women – Northshore Section
Pickup: Call to arrange
Drop Off: 107 Central Avenue, Wilmette, IL

Epilepsy Foundation
Phone: 855-968-3662
Accepts: See online list here
Benefits: Offers counseling, advocacy and educational services to people with epilepsy, their families, and the communities in which they live.
Pickup: Schedule online
Drop Off: Multiple Locations

Family Rescue
Phone: 773-375-1918
Accepts: Clothing, household items, new toys, computers and office supplies    No used mattresses/box springs
Benefits: Victims of domestic violence and their children
Drop Off:  Thursday only (call  773-375-8400 to schedule)

Habitat for Humanity
Phone: 312-265-6625
Website: www.chicagolandhabitat.org/
Accepts: Building materials, furniture and appliances
Benefits: Low income families who partner with Habitat as new homeowners.
Drop-off:  8 locations in Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane, Kendall, McHenry and Will counties.

The Glass Slipper Project
Benefits: Collect formal dresses and accessories and provide them, free of charge, to Chicago-area students who are unable to purchase their own prom attire
Accepts: New and almost-new prom dresses and accessories

The Inner Voice
Phone: 312-666-8110
Accepts: Clothing, cleaning supplies, office supplies and household items, mattresses and box springs   No large furniture
Benefits: Chicago’s Emergency Shelter Network
Pickup: Call to  schedule large donations
Drop Off: 1621 W. Walnut, Chicago, IL

Lamb’s Farm Thrift Shop
Phone: 847-327-9053
Accepts: Household items, furniture, clothing  No appliances, mattresses, or box springs
Benefits: Residents of Lambs Farm
Pickup: No
Drop Off: Hwy 176 & I94, Libertyville, IL

Lions Club
Phone: 630-571-5466
Accepts: Glasses and sunglasses, hearing aides
Benefits: Low income individuals
Pickup: No
Drop Off: at various locations or Walmart or mail (300 W. 22nd Street, Oakbrook, IL  60523)

Mt. Sinai Hospital Resale Shop
Phone: 773-935-1434
Accepts: Household items, clothing, small appliances, computers, cell phones and furniture.  No mattresses/box springs
Benefits: Mt. Sinai Hospital
Pickup: Large donations only…Call to scheduled in advance
Drop Off: 814 W. Diversey, Chicago, IL

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Phone: 303-839-1852
Accepts: Cell phones
Benefits: Victims of domestic violence
Drop Off: By mail

One Sight
Phone: 888-935-4589
Accepts: Prescription glasses, sunglasses and bifocals
Benefits: People around the world who cannot afford eye care
Drop Off : Bins at local Lenscrafters, Sunglass Hut, Pearle Vision, Target Optical and Sears Optical stores

ORT Thrift Shop
Phone: 847-433-1697
Accepts: Household items, clothing, small appliances, books, toys. No non-digital TVs, computers, encyclopedias or furniture
Benefits: Women’s American ORT education/community services
Pickup: Evanston area only
Drop Off: Evanston & Highland Park Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm

Pacific Garden Mission
Phone: 312-243-2480
Accepts: Clothing for families and hygiene kits
Benefits: Homeless
Pickup: No
Drop Off: 1458 S. Canal Chicago, IL

Poised for Success
Phone: 630-691-1455
Accepts: Women’s in-season business attire
Benefits: Working women on financial assistance
Pickup: No
Drop Off: 312 S. Westmore Rd. Lombard, IL on the 2nd Saturday of the month

Purple Heart Veterans
Phone: 708-396-8995
Accepts: Household items, clothing and gently used shoes
Benefits: Veterans
Pickup:  www.charitypickupservice.com

Sabra Books
Email: Sabrabooks@yahoo.com
Accepts: Books
Benefits: YOU! They will pay for some books and donate what they do not want to various charitable organizations.
Pickup: Yes, minimum pickup 150 books. Based in Naperville, limited coverage area, please email for details.

Sarah’s Circle
Phone: 773-728-1991 ext. 301
Accepts:  Toiletries (trial size): toothbrushes/toothpaste, mouthwash, shower caps, women’s razors, shampoos, conditioner, lotions, etc…
Benefits: Homeless women
Pickup: No
Drop Off: 4750 N. Sheridan Road, Suite #220

Share Our Spare
Accepts: New and gently used clothing, toys and supplies with children ages four and under
Benefits: Chicagoland children in need
Pickup: No
Drop off: 935 W. Chestnut Street on the first Saturday of every month from 1pm-4pm.

The Sharing Connection
Phone: 630-971-0565
Accepts: household furniture, baby furniture and certain appliances in good working condition   No office or exercise equipment
Benefits: Various community agencies
Pickup:  Furniture only
Drop off:  5111 Chase Ave., Downers Grove, IL

The Sports Shed
Phone: 773-360-1825
Accepts:  Gently used sporting equipment
Benefits: Sports programs for under-resourced areas
Pick-up: Large donations only.  Call to arrange
Drop Off: Various…Far Northern suburbs (See website)

Turn what you have into what you want via swapping
Drop Off: Through the mail

Tri-County Thrift
Phone: 847-526-0383
Accepts: Clothing, toys, books, household items  No large appliances, pillows, mattresses/box springs or computers
Benefits: Tri-County Pregnancy & Parenting Services
Drop Off: 457 W. Liberty, Waconda, IL

Women’s Club of Evanston – Dreams Delivered
Phone: 847-475-3800    Carol Short
Accepts:  Evening wear and accessories
Benefits: Underprivileged girls go to prom
Pickup: No

World Computer Exchange
Accepts: Computers and computer hardware
Benefits: Schools and institutions in developing countries
Pickup: Yes for 8 or more computers only
Drop Off: 9717 S. Damen Ave Chicago, IL

Zealous Good
Accepts: All items
Benefits: Hundreds of local Chicago non-profits
Pickup & Drop Off: Yes
How it works: Donate to charities that need your specific items using ZealousGood.com. Submit your donation and they’ll find you the best match.


Did I miss any?? Let me know and I will gladly add your organization to this list!!