I love giving gifts that look really appealing and make you want to take time when you open them but I just don’t have the time to sit and decorate gifts like I use to.  I need easy ideas for making presents look really fun but that only take a few extra seconds to make.

One way I do this is by using the extra wrapping paper to make a fun bow for the present.  It’s super easy and you really can’t mess it up…trust me I thought I did many times but it always turns out looking nice!

Wrapping Gifts with Bows

After I wrap a present, I take a piece of extra wrapping paper and cut slits about 3/4 of the way down.  Make sure you leave some room at the bottom to tape to the present.

Then I use my scissors to curl each slit I made.  It’s fine if you cut off some of the slits because you won’t be able to notice once you’re done!

Lastly, roll the piece of wrapping paper in a circle and fold the bottom tail to tape to the present.  It’s as simple as that to make a fun little bow for your present that barely takes any time!

Wrapping Gifts with BowsWrapping Gifts with Bows


Wrapping Gifts with Bows

Happy wrapping!

The Organized Mama


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