I have found that cleaning up toys each night helps keep your home organized. And one way to keep your home organized is to get your kids to help you. The Organized Kids have another video on how to clean up toys. We typically do this at the end of every day as part of their before bed routine. It really helps everyone get in a place where we are ready for bed because we are cleaning up. 


Create Habits To Keep Things Organized

The best tool I can ever share is to create organizing habits for your kids. This means that if you organize your toys, make it easy for the kids to put things away so they can do it consistently. Make it a habit. 

So when you are setting up your playroom, you will want to make sure that the space is really user-friendly. That the kids know what goes where and that everything has a home. 

I have some tips for doing that below:

How To Declutter Kids’ Toys In 6 Easy Steps

Too Many Toys? How You Can Declutter Easily

Organizing And Decluttering Kids Toys Like A Pro

I also have playroom organizing and design plans that walk you through setting up playrooms so that your kids can keep things organized for real!

playroom plans on ipad flat lay

Teach Kids How To Clean Up Toys

Another tool when it comes to cleaning up toys is to teach the kids how to actually do it. You can teach your kids in a few ways.

One is have your kids help you set up the space, add labels, and put things away so they know exactly where things go. With this approach, you will have the kids decide where things should go. They are included in the entire process.

The other option is for you to set up the space, label, and put things away. Then you play games to get the kids to see where the toys go. You can play a game where you take out a few toys from a few bins and ask the kids to find where each toy goes. I do this with young children to get them into the idea that when you put everything away in the proper spot, you can find it again.

You can also watch the video with your kids and have them create a video like The Organized Kids. This will help them feel empowered to keep the space clean.

toys in bins and art supplies organized to demonstrate how to minimize kids toys

Clean Up Toys Every Night

Finally, make sure you clean up toys every night. Now one way you can clean up toys every night is to only clean up the toys in specific areas. Maybe you don’t clean up the basement until the weekend. Maybe you just clean up the toys in their bedrooms. Or in the living room. Whatever it is, just get in the habit of cleaning up something each night. It will help keep your home organized because you are creating habits that will maintain order. 

playroom decor with painting and lego storage

Now it is your turn to get the kids to help clean up toys every night!