My kiddos love playing with their dolls. But all that stuff comes lots of little pieces, parts, and clothing! So Adleigh is sharing her 3 steps for how to organize doll clothes in this Organized Kids video. Then I am sharing more strategies you can use to help your kids keep their doll stuff organized.

Create A Plan

The first thing you need to do is create a plan to organize the doll clothes. Depending on how many doll clothes you have, you can try to keep them all together in one spot. 

For Adleigh, we just used a large bin that holds all her doll clothing. She does’t play with Barbie or LOL dolls, so her doll clothes only includes clothing for her babies and American Girl dolls.

This was the easiest way she could think of to keep her organized. 

Keep It Easy

When it comes to organize anything with kids, you want to keep it easy. The reason why is because it helps the kids keep up with what you want them to do. Which is staying organized.

I love using large bins for one type of thing, like doll clothes. 

Some of my favorite products are listed below:

Teach The Kids

While I love organizing, there are some tasks that you just need to get the kids involved in. And organizing doll clothing is one of them. So have your doll-loving kiddo join you in creating an organization system. 

Start by finding all the doll clothing. Then putting the clothing in a bin or basket or drawer. 

Your child could even create labels for the bins by coloring note cards or Post-It notes. Then you can laminate and add to the bin or basket or drawer. 

This allows your child to take ownership over their organization. Which means they will keep things tidy!

More Organizing Tips

I have more tips for organizing dolls and other toys. Because sometimes you just need to do a total overhaul of the organizing process with the kids!

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