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Check out The Organized Mama TV, with tutorials, tips, and tools for organizing, crafting, and home decorating with a professional organizer!

Ever wanted to see organizing, decorating, or crafting in action??  Like, you don’t want to just read about how to organize, you want to see how to organize.  Or you want to see a full 360 of a room, instead of just a small snapshot of one corner?  Or curious to see how to actually do that crafting technique I wrote about??

Well, now you can!!  Because The Organized Mama TV is ready for viewing!!

Organized Mama TV YouTube

That’s right… The Organized Mama is finally on YouTube!  And I will be sharing all my tips, tricks, and tools for organizing, crafting, and decorating!!

I am super excited to share all my videos with you!  Each week, you’ll get to see a new video, so make sure to subscribe to the channel.

Organized Mama TV YouTube

Once you subscribe, you will get notified when a new video is up on the channel!!  That way you never have to remember to check YouTube to see if there’s a new video up.

And, because I love you so much, I added an extra video for you TODAY!!  It’s our kitchen reveal tour.  I know you will love seeing our kitchen and all the fun organizing tips I have for keeping any kitchen tidy and organized!

So what are you waiting for??  Head over to The Organized Mama TV and let’s create an organized and handmade home together!!

If you are still reading this and wondering where the whole idea of starting a YouTube channel came from/think I am crazy, let me give you some background!!

In my former life I was a teacher, so I love talking and teaching people.  I presented at conferences and staff development, which I felt I was really good at.  Public speaking is really fun for me, even though I am a rather introverted person.

When I decided to become a professional organizer, it felt natural to teach others how to organize.  I found my stride back in the teaching world.  Then I have been asked to speak on the topic of organizing.  So naturally I thought that creating videos would be a helpful tool to teach others how to organize, decorate, and craft!  (And I did have a little video clip on the Rachael Ray show… insert heart-eye emoji!!)

So now you can head over to The Organized Mama TV!!


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