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Why You Need An Organizing Business Coach

Curious what it happens when you work with an organizing business coach? This article walks you through the process and why you need one!

Do you wish there was a manual or “easy” button for running your professional organizing business? It is hard running a business. And not just any business, but a service-based business, such as organizing. Not only do you have to worry about the business side of things, but you also have to focus on the projects you have and being the best organizer you can be. There is just so much going on!!

Back when I first started my business, I discovered that there was a way to get insight and a way to push that “easy” button. And that was through business coaching. 

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What Is Organizing Business Coaching

About a year into starting my organizing business, I decided to hire a business coach. A business coach is someone who has experience in the business you are working in and will help you process ways in which you can succeed in business. I like to think of it like your future self is helping present-day you with questions you have about your business.

Each session I had with my organizing coach, I got more clarity on where I wanted my organizing business to go. Things to consider. How much to charge. Basically all the questions you have with someone who has been there and done that. 


Why You Need Business Coaching

Getting your business started is one of the hardest things to do. There are so many questions and you are unsure of which way to go. It can easily be crippling because of the decisions you have to make. So when you talk to an organizing business coach, you don’t have to answer those questions on your own. You can talk it through with someone who has already done it. 

When I work with my business coach, I try to schedule sessions before a problem or dilemma occurs. I learned that the hard way. So when I first decided to hire a business coach, I thought I had to have all the questions or be really stuck on something in order to find their time useful. I would only schedule a session when I had a problem I needed figuring out. But as time went on, I have realized that I could solve some of these problems before they even become a problem if I regularly chat with someone who has been there. 

Now I work with my business coach once a month, regardless of having an issue or not. It just helps me think through things and process things more regularly. 

How To Get Organizing Business Coaching

I truly believe in the power of one-on-one business coaching. I find it incredible useful to talk with someone about your unique business challenges and questions. Discussing your organizing business with someone who has experience is the key to a successful coaching session as well. 

There are also group coaching sessions that can also benefit your business. I have also participated in group coaching as well. In group coaching, you learn from the coach and the other participants in the group coaching sessions. 

Both are incredible options for learning and surrounding yourself with individuals who can help you build and grow your business. 

I now offer one-on-one coaching for organizing businesses. Each session is an hour long Zoom call with me! You can learn more and schedule a session here.

And I offer a group coaching called The Organizing Experts Mastermind. This mastermind is a weekly Zoom meeting where we cover things like contracts, client forms, social media, and more. You can learn more here and enroll now!


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