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Simple Habits For Organizing Face Masks

These simple habits for organizing face masks will help keep the entire family organized because everything will have a place to be stored!

Oh the face masks. We have a lot of them. And with the kids going back to semi-normal activities, we needed to create organizing habits that everyone could follow for our face masks. What we were currently doing was throwing masks on the floor near the basement door. Because the laundry room is in the basement. We also had one bin for all the face masks. So if someone pulled an adult mask and walked out the door, they might not realize it until it was too late. After testing out a few habits to keep the masks organized, I have a simple organizing habit that will help you and your family keep the face masks organized!

cubbie with face masks in container next to bin with hats

The Set Up

The first thing you have to do when organizing face masks is put each family member’s face masks in their own bin. I have extra containers for each family member that is sitting in their cubbies. You will also need to have a designated spot for dirty/used masks. We have used mask dumping ground near the basement door. I took a wet bag from our swimming gear and hung it on the basement door handle. You can also keep a laundry basket near where used masks first find themselves in your home. 

Find some way to store each family member’s face masks separate, from one another. Then find a spot for dirty/used masks to go that is near where your family comes into the house.

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cubbie with jackets, backpacks, hats and bin for face mask

Organizing Face Masks

I have found that when you label all the bins, it helps keep your face masks organized. We added labels to our face masks so I know which mask belongs to which kid. I also bought special patterned masks for each kid so I know which mask goes to which child. 

Their bins are also labeled, just in case they slide to the other kiddos’ cubbie. Some of the masks stretch out, so I want to make sure they go to the correct child. 

two cubbies with face masks in bins, one stackable with sunscreen and another a single bin holding face masks

Organizing Habit To Keep It Organized

Once you have the face masks set in bins, along with a dirty/used station, you can start teaching the entire family your new organizing habit. Now an organizing habit is simply a habit you have that you do over and over again. So for us, my kids will take their masks from their cubbies and wear them. When they are done with the mask, they will place it in the used bag hanging from the basement door. I will wash the masks once a week (or more often if needed). We also have bags that they will use for school that include a dirty and clean sign on them. So when they get back from school, they will empty their dirty bag by putting the face masks into the bag hanging on our basement door. This way, my kids are responsible for keeping their face masks organized!

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wet bag for swimsuits hanging on door handle to act as dirty mask bag

Favorite Products

Now I love these products for our simple habit for organizing face masks. These are things we currently use, or I have recommended to readers to use in their homes.

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