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Organizing The Garage

Organizing the garage with tips and tricks to keep your garage organized and looking pretty.

Our garage was pretty pathetic.  We kind of half-organized the space last summer and thought things would just work themselves out.  Sadly, they never worked themselves out and we were left with a horribly disorganized garage.

Organizing The Garage
Organizing The Garage

We have some really nice peg boards and cabinets that were already installed when we bought the house, but we weren’t using them the most effectively.  Things just started to pile up on each other, making it really difficult to find things that we actually needed, like gardening gloves!

So we decided we needed to get our garage organized because this mess just wasn’t working for us any longer.  So while we were in the process of organizing, I thought we would add some style to an otherwise bland garage.

Organizing The Garage - Garage Before

We started by figuring out a color to paint the garage.  Feeling that the space is just a garage, we wanted to keep it rather neutral, so we went with Benjamin Moore Deep Silver for the walls, and Almost Black for the peg boards.  I thought it would be fun to make the peg boards pop with a darker color.

I figured I would add some pops of color with baskets and labels around the space to keep it bright and cheery.

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