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Organizing Tune-Ups Ep 3- What Is Mental Clutter And Why You Should Care

Learn about mental clutter, decision fatigue, and how you can tackle these to get organized.

This week, we are breaking down ways to combat mental clutter. But what is mental clutter, you ask? It involves everything you think about. So how can you clear that clutter? I break down tips for doing just that.

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Show Notes

In my opinion, mental clutter is one of the biggest culprits of physical clutter in your home. When you have too many things in your headspace (schedules, ideas, projects, activities), you aren’t able to sort and organize them in an orderly fashion. When we take steps to clear the mental clutter, our physical space will transform to something much more tidy!

Tip 1: Brain dump. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down absolutely everything in your head. Make sure to use paper and pencil!

Decision fatigue is when your brain is no longer able to make meaningful decisions. To combat decision fatigue we can focus on streamlining, creating organizing habits, and doing brain dumps!

Tip 2: Set a timer on your phone. When the time is up, you are done with that task for the day.

Tip 3: Get more sleep. A clean slate equals less mental clutter.

Tip 4: Time blocking. This may not be a good fit for everyone, but if it works for you – do it! Block your day in hours based on your tasks.

Take action by clearing mental clutter today!

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