I am so excited to share our kitchen with you!  It’s not 100% complete… We were missing one handle for a drawer and I need to find bar stools/wall decor.  But other than that, the kitchen is complete!

After a very long process of renovating our tiny kitchen, I am proud to say that we just love the space!  Before our kitchen was an alley kitchen with dark wood cabinets that were rather shallow.  We had to remove doors to make our plates it in the space.  I turned a broom closet into a pantry as there was not space in the kitchen for one.  And, we only had two drawers.  One held silverware, while the other turned into a junk drawer.

We started the entire process back in 2015, by meeting with our architect.  We created many plans as to how we wanted the space to look and what we could actually do with the space.  Initially, we were going to add on much more to our home.  In the end, we decided to create a larger kitchen and sun room.

When we changed how much we were adding on, the kitchen design changed slightly.  We ended up creating two islands, instead of one giant island.  We were able to do this because we didn’t need to have support poles in the middle of the island!

Our general contractor helped us with some of the crucial elements, such as functionality and design.  Since he has done tons of projects, he has seen what has worked and what we didn’t need to waste time on!

I picked out our cabinets and sink rather quickly, as I knew exactly what I wanted.

My husband picked out all the appliances, as he is the one who actually likes to cook.  I really despise cooking, but have to out of necessity.

And, we were able to create a hood using reclaimed wood our contractor found!  I just love how it brings the entire space together!

I just have to find some bar stools, and some pieces to hang on the walls.  I am waiting on our rugs to come in that will go in front of the islands.

And, I am still figuring out what kind of window treatment I should do on all the windows.  I love natural light, so I don’t want to do something that will block any of that.  We also have cabinets near one of the large windows, so I can’t do anything that sticks out from the window, so we can actually open and use the cabinet!

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