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The Organized Mama

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The Organized Mama is a professional organizing firm and lifestyle blog based out of the North Shore of the Chicagoland area.  We develop ways to organize your family based on your needs and create beautiful and functional spaces for all aspects of your home! As professional organizers in Chicago, we offer a wide range of services from empty-nesters looking to downsize to growing families needing to create organized spaces for the entire family.  We  also share tips, tricks, and tutorials on organizing through blog posts so you will learn how to stay organized.

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How To Be Creative And Organized

How To Be Creative And Organized

Creativity and organization. Two categories people feel they either fall into. For some reason, we are taught that you can either be creative or you can be organized, but you can't be both. Well I strongly disagree with that belief. I feel I am both a creative and an...

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