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Before You Check Your Inbox...

...I wanted to share a paper plan that totally compliments the paper checklists coming to your inbox.

The Foolproof Plan To Paper Clutter walks you through decluttering paper, guides you to going 95% paper-free, and includes filing label tags for every category of paper you need to save!

Paper Doesn't Have To Pile Up

The Foolproof Plan To Dealing With Paper Clutter is a complete plan that walks you through organizing your paper piles. Go from chaos to order with these easy-to-follow steps. Each step has checklists to support you for this process. This plan is the exact method I follow when working with in-home clients, so I know it works!


How To Go Digital

The easiest ways to get as many paper documents digital. Plus how to keep things organized digitally are included in the paper clutter plan.


Filing Tab Labels

Sometimes you have to keep papers. The tab labels included in the plan are perfect to organizing your physical papers.


Paper Plan

The no-nonsense approach to dealing with paper clutter in a step-by-step tutorial. Checklists to keep you focused are also included.


What Do You Keep

An extensive list of documents you need to keep. Plus how long you should keep those physical documents.

Foolproof Plan To Paper Clutter

Take action on those piles of papers. Remove the burden of junk mail. Become decisive with what papers you actually need to keep.

Get the plan that actually gives you a plan around paper.

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