Have I told you how crazy my planner has gotten this past month?  Like crazy out-of-control.

With the kids schedules, my schedule, and writing posts, things have gotten nuts.  And it totally shows in my planner.

I am still using my color-coded system to help keep some sanity during this crazy month.  Each family member is given a color.  Then I write all their appointments, schedules, etc. in my planner in that color only.  For example, my son is blue.  All his appointments are written in blue.

I am also using tons of planner stickers to keep my pages looking cute, while still being functional.  I keep stickers with flags to remind me of appointments.

decorative planner clip

And I am making sure I am on the right date with my giant planner clips.

With us traveling and school off, I have been completely missing dates, deadlines, and appointments.  I just was having a hard time keeping up.  So I decided that if I have some giant clips to keep me on the right date, it might help!

I needed a huge clothes pins to keep me on the right date because the small paper clips weren’t working.

Planner Clip With Pencils

These large clothes pins were from Michaels, and are the perfect size for my planner.

I created this flower clip using thin pieces of paper and rolling them.  I glued them together using Imagine’s On Point Glue.  This process is called quilling.  I find it so relaxing to just roll paper and glue it together.

decorative planner clip diy

The full tutorial is over on the Imagine blog, so head over there to see how I made these adorable clips.

Happy organizing!


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