Being trapped indoors on these cold, winter days has gotten me inspired to create a lot more than I typically do in warmer months.  I think it’s because I would rather be cozy inside than running around in the freezing temperature with the kids.

And, one thing I have been doing is making cards.  I keep them in my card station and can just pull some out whenever I need one.  It has come in incredibly useful since I forget upcoming dates rather easily.

I try to get all my cards made for the year throughout the winter.  Then, when it comes time for an event or birthday or any occasion, I am prepared!

pop up valentine's day card

This card is perfect for Valentine’s Day!!



1. Cut black paper to the size of the card you want.

2. Cut gold paper a little smaller than the outside of the card.  Attach gold paper to the black card using the tape runner.

3. Using the punch, cut out three hearts on the black cardstock.

4. Attach the hearts to the gold paper using the tape runner.

5. Stamp Valentine’s Day stamp over hearts.

6. Cut out pink and gold hearts using the punch.

7. Fold six pink hearts in half.

8. Run half hearts through the Xyron sticker maker.

9. Attach one folded heart to another.  Then do the same for the remaining hearts.

10. Peal the group of hearts off the sticker paper and stick the hearts to the middle of the inside of the card.  This is going to create the pop-up.

11. Attach remaining hearts to the inside of the card using the tape runner.

12. Write message on the inside and deliver!

I think this is such a cute card because of the pop-up in the middle!  And I just love the colors!!  Grab some of your favorite paper and get crafting on some pop-up cards for Valentine’s Day!