The Organized Mama is all about organizing a handmade home.  So crafting ties right into the handmade part of what The Organized Mama is all about… organizing and crafting!

With handmade crafts comes greeting cards.  Because adding a personal touch to anything you gift is so special.

Greenery Greeting Card Tutorial

And a greenery greeting card is also my first project as a member of the 2017 Xyron Design Team!  I am so incredibly honored to be working with a company that creates stickers and cold laminate.  Both of which are my organizing go-to’s!!

Each month we are challenged to create projects based on themes or topics using our favorite Xyron products.  I found inspiration for this card from the Pantone color of the year, which is “greenery”.

Greenery Greeting Card Tutorial



1. Using the light green paper in the paper stack, cut out to be smaller than the blank card cover.

2. Adhere paper to card using the Teresa Collins Mega Runner.

Greenery Greeting Card Tutorial

3. Cut the silver and purple paper to act as a runner over the green paper.

4. Adhere using the Teresa Collins Mega Runner.

5. Cut a small piece of white paper from paper stack.  Using the “hello” die cut, run through the Diamond Press.

6. Cut out small pieces of pink, yellow, blue, and purple paper.  Then run through the Diamond Press using the arrow die cut.

Greenery Greeting Card Tutorial

7. Place arrows and “hello” die cuts in the Xyron 3″ disposable sticker maker.  Run through sticker maker.  Rub really hard before removing.

8. Place arrows and hello onto card.

Greenery Greeting Card Tutorial

9. Enjoy!

Greenery Greeting Card Tutorial

I am so happy with how easy this card turned out!  And you can change the “hello” die cut on the greenery greeting card to a “happy birthday” die cut to create a birthday card!  Or change the entire color scheme to create the perfect greeting card for summer or fall!

Greenery Greeting Card Tutorial

Now, if you can’t find that purple glittery paper, you can easily make it with your Teresa Collins Mega Runner and glitter!  Run the Mega Runner over paper.  Then cover with silver glitter.  Shake off excess glitter.  Now you have glittery paper without the mess!



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