I am always on the look-out for fun and creative gift ideas to give to friends and family.  Whether it is a housewarming gift, birthday present, or just-because, I like to find gifts that are unique and meaningful.  My husband is the king of finding meaningful and unique gifts, so I am always trying to up my game when it comes to gift-giving.

The Mason Jar Cookie Company sells a cookie mixture in a mason jar, I thought this would make the BEST gift.  Not only is it unique and different, but it can also be super meaningful.  Who doesn’t love baking cookies without the mess?!?!  David Ferguson founded the company and has truly grown over the past few years.

I was able to test out two different gluten-free cookie mixes.  The Triple Chocolate Chip cookie mix and the Berry ‘n’ Chocolate cookie mix.  I was so incredibly excited that the Mason Jar Cookie Company has a gluten-free mix, let alone TWO!!  Having been gluten-free for almost ten years, I am a huge fan and supporter of any company that has a gluten-free option.  You’d be surprised at the limited number of GOOD gluten-free options out there.

Mason Jar Cookies

The jars arrived in the cutest packaging.  The glass mason jar arrived in an adorable tube, that is now the kids’ favorite toy.  The pouch mixture is adorable and super durable.  So, naturally, when the cookies came we had to make one batch!

The kids and I were in the mood for chocolate chips, so we opened the Triple Chocolate Chip cookie mix and started to bake the cookies.  All you need to do is add melted butter, one egg, and you have the option to add in vanilla extract, which we did.  The label does clearly say that the brown sugar might stick in the mason jar, which ours did.  But, we were able to get the brown sugar out by having the kids use their knives to cut the brown sugar.  Then we broke the rest of the chunky brown sugar pieces using our hands.

Then, you get to get messy and mix the dough with your hands.  The kids loved getting their hands in the dough.  Now, I will say, do NOT test the gluten-free cookie mixture until it’s cooked, because gluten-free baking is not the same as regular baking.  It actually tastes really bad until you bake out some of the graininess of the gluten-free flour.  It’s always funny watching my husband take a lick of the dough before it’s baked.  Just trust me on this one!

We lined the cookie sheets with parchment paper and baked the cookies.  We tried to under-bake them because I love chewy cookies, which is one of the baking tips the Mason Jar Cookie Company recommends.

After we let the cookies cool, we had to taste them.  And all I have to say is those cookies didn’t make it much longer than the day we baked them.  They were just that delicious!  They were gooey and chocolate-y, which is all I want from a cookie.

Baking Cookies

So the next day we made the Berry ‘n’ Chocolate cookie mix.  Since the mixture came in a bag instead of the jar, the brown sugar was completely broken up, which was nice.  This also could have been because the kids were fighting deciding over who got to open and pour the cookie mixture into the bowl so they were shaking the bag.

This mixture seemed easier to make.  Maybe it was because I knew what I was doing, or the kids were distracting me from actually focusing on making the cookies, but these cookies turned out even more gooey than the chocolate chip cookies!  This was amazing because I just love gooey cookies.  The berries in these cookies with the white chocolate chips gave it a nice, sweet contrast.  I did add some sea salt to the top of the cookies to give them some extra sweet and saltiness and loved it!

After tasting and testing both cookie mixtures, I think it is safe to say that this will be my gift of choice to any and all family and friends.  The packaging is adorable.  The cookies are delicious, with really minimal work to actually baking them.  And with many flavors, you can keep trying out different options, because cookies never go out of style!

Adorable Gift Ideas

Head over to the Mason Jar Cookie Company and get your next housewarming or shower gift today!


Disclaimer: I was sent products to review in exchange for writing this post.  All opinions and beliefs are my own.  I will only recommend products that I love, use, and am a supporter of the brand in which I am sharing, because that’s how I roll.

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