I am so excited to watch the Oscars on Sunday night.  Growing up, I remember my grandma would always talk about her favorite movie stars, her least favorite movie stars, and how she loved award shows.  She loved watching the Oscars because all of her favorite movie stars were all dressed up for such a sophisticated evening.  She was always well-read on the celebrity gossip and loved talking about it.  I would always read her “trashy magazines”, as she called them, when we would visit her at her apartment.  So the Oscars are always special for me as a way to remember my grandma.  I feel like I need to be caught up on all the celebrity gossip before the award show.

Oscars Party

So this year I decided to throw an Oscars party.  I thought it would be a fun way to watch with a few girlfriends and just spend some quality time with them!  I am sure the hubby doesn’t mind so he doesn’t have to watch it with me!  He always loves watching award shows with me and NEVER sits on his phone the entire award show!

I am doing appetizers and drinks for the Oscars party, so I decided to go an appetizer or drink that represents each movie that is up for best picture.  I haven’t seen all of them, but after reading the summaries and watching the movie trailers, I think my menu is pretty solid.

Movie Overviews And Appetizers:

Each movie is being represented by an appetizer or drink.  Some are funny, while others have to do with the historical aspect of the movie.  As I was researching some historical aspects of the movies, I found a lot of the movies that are nominated took place in the 1960s.

American Sniper:

I decided to serve a bean dip and chips to represent American Sniper because part of the movie takes place in Texas, where the main character lives.  I know it’s not “typical Texas”, but I think a bean dip is pretty close to representing Texas, as it can be big, bold and spicy!  The movie is about a man who became the deadliest marksman in U.S. military history.  It is his story about how he came to be the deadliest marksman and how his wife and children adjusted to him touring.

Oscars Party - American Sniper And Bean Dip


I thought it would be funny to do chicken wings to represent Birdman…get it?!?!  I know it has nothing to do with the movie, but I just couldn’t resist that one!  The movie is about a washed-up actor trying to make a comeback by writing, acting and directing a Broadway show, but is tormented by his old character Birdman.


And Boyhood and french fries would go together.  I thought it would be a fun representation of childhood and growing up, as this movie is about the life of a family over the course of twelve years.

Oscars Party - Imitation Game and Bacon Popcorn

The Imitation Game:

The Imitation Game takes place during World War II in England.  During that time, there were food rations on different food items, such as bacon/ham, butter and cheese.  I thought as an homage to that time, I thought cheesy, bacon popcorn would do the trick.  I found a recipe here!


Whiplash is about a boy who attends a prestigious music school where he plays drums for a teacher who is abusive towards his students.  Seeing as this movie is all about drumming, I thought chocolate drumsticks would be the prefect dessert for the evening!

Oscars Party - Grand Budapest and Martinis

The Theory Of Everything:

Taking place during his schooling at Cambridge, Stephen Hawking’s life is shown to us in The Theory Of Everything.  Seeing as this movie takes place in England, I thought tea cakes would be fitting and a delicious option to represent this movie.

The Grand Budapest Hotel:

Now my pick for winner is The Grand Budapest Hotel.  I really like Wes Anderson movies and think it would be wonderful if he won in this category.  The movie takes place in a town called Zubrowka, which is actually a Polish vodka.  The movie is about an owner of a hotel, who reminisces with guest, who is a writer, about his experiences as a lobby boy.  I am going to make a vodka martini using Zubrowka vodka!  Yummy!

Oscars Party - Selma and coke


Finally, Selma is the last of the eight movies nominated for the category of best picture.  I am using Coca Cola to represent this movie.  Some historical references that I found for this time period stated that Coca Cola was a sign of equality.

Setting Up:

Oscars Party

Throughout the house I am having the appetizers.  I figure that I would keep the hot items in the kitchen so they can stay warm, the drinks in the dining room and the cold appetizers in the living room.  This way everyone isn’t crowding around one small area of the house.

Oscar Ballot Cards:

Oscars Party - Ballots

Another fun thing to is to have an Oscar ballot with scoring system!  I always think it’s fun to make predictions as to who we think is going to win.  I found an amazing scoring system that we are going to use from Apartment Therapy.  You can read all about it here!  Such a fun way to make some of the more obscure categories more interesting!  I am also loving the idea of giving the winner movie tickets!  We are so doing this as it would be fun to make things a little more competitive!


Oscars Party

I really am looking forward to watching the Red Carpet, the awards and eating some delicious appetizers and drinks with some wonderful girlfriends.  I am hoping to channel my grandma while watching the awards to see what she thinks about all of this, as she would always talk about the award shows months after they occurred!  I am looking forward to the Oscar Ballot Cards and seeing what everyone thinks of who the winners will be!  How will you be watching the Oscars?  I’d love to hear what everyone is doing and your thoughts!

Oscars Party