When it comes to decorating play rooms, I love creating handmade pieces that add some flair and personality to the space. Since I am sprucing up the kids play room by adding some spaces for them to hang artwork, I thought creating some fresh, new signs to decorate would be fun! I made a play room rules free printable that can easily be hung and used in any play space.

Play Room Rules Free Printable

This post was created as part of the Xyron Design Team. All ideas are my own. For more, read my terms.



Step One

Print off your copy of the play room rules free printable.

Step Two

Run the printable through the Xyron Creative Station with the laminate refill.

Step Three

Rub the entire printable to ensure the laminate is adhering to itself.

Step Four

Cut around the edges of the printable.

Step Five

Hang on a clipboard and display!

I love this project because it is so simple, yet super impactful! It is so much fun to share the love of play with kiddos while keeping play room rules in tact.