A few years ago I went to a baby shower for one of my dear girlfriends.  My son was about 3-4 months old, so I was totally in the thick of it when it came time to give a mama-to-be gifts for her baby.  I decided to create a bedtime routine gift basket with tags that had a poem on them for each step of the nighttime routine.  She loved it so much, that this has been my go-to gifts for any shower I have attended from then on!

I was looking back at my old posts and realized that I never shared how to put together a baby shower gift basket with tags that have a poem on them!  So grab your Lawn Fawn Stamps and your Xyron Sticker Maker and get crafting!!




Laundry Line On Basket

Clothing Line On Basket

1. Grab your ribbon and measure out how long you want the ribbon from one end of the basket to the other.

2. Attach the ribbon to the basket.

3. Using your Lawn Fawn Little Bundles Clear Stamps, peel off the blanket, onesie, sleeper, and overalls stamps.  Stamp those stamps onto white cardstock using your black ink.

4. When the ink dries, color in the stamps using your colored pencils.

5. Cut out the stamps to create small squares.

Making Stickers

6. Run the small squares through the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker.  Set the stickers aside.

7. Using your Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid Petite Paper Pack, grab two or three sheets to use to mount the stamps onto, and cut out larger squares to mount the stickers.

8. Attach the stickers to the larger square pieces, and trim as needed.  I always like to cut the squares larger, just to be safe!

9. Using the mini decorative clothespins, attach the large square pieces to the ribbon on the basket!  I ended up with 6 pieces of “clothing” on my clothes line gift basket.

10. Set basket aside while we put together the tags.



1. Download and print off the poem that goes with the gift basket: Baby Shower Gift Poem.

2. Grab five or six pieces of the paper from the Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid Petite Paper Pack.  Cut out six tag shapes using different colored paper.

3. Using another piece of paper from the Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid Petite Paper Pack, cut a rectangle a little smaller than the tag itself.

4. Cut out the baby shower poem so that each phrase will fit onto one tag, giving you a total of five tags.  The sixth tag will be the card from you to the mama-to-be!

Cutting Paper

5. Mount the rectangular paper to the tag using your Teresa Collins Mega Runner.  Then mount the poem to the rectangular paper by running it through the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker.

6. Cut your ribbon a little over the size of the width of the tag.  Then run the ribbon through the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker.

7. Attach the ribbon to the bottom of the tag.

8. Repeat this process for the remaining tags.

9. The last tag which will act as your card, you will use the Lawn Fawn Little Bundles Clear Stamps, along with black ink pad to stamp the saying “Lots Of Love (And More Laundry)”, along with some hangers onto a piece of white cardstock mounted to the tag.

10. Sign your name of the card and add a few mini decorative clothespins.

11. Punch a single hole-punch into each of the tags and add ribbon to use to attach to the gifts.

12. Add numbers to the back of each of the tags.  You can either cut out numbers and turn them into stickers using the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker or just write on the back using your colored pencils!

Putting Together Basket

Putting Together The Gift Basket

1. Start with the first tag, and attach that to the handle of the basket.  Add a mini decorative clothespin!

2. Wrap the tag for the lotion around the bottle of lotion.  This is the first step in the bedtime routine.

3. Roll the blanket and attach the tag to the blanket.  This is second step in the bedtime routine.

4. You can either wrap the tag around the book, or use the tag as a bookmark.  If you use the tag as a bookmark, you will need to cut the ribbon so that it fans out at the top.  Then stick the tag into the book.  This is the third step in the bedtime routine.

5. Either roll the sleep sack, or leave it flat.  I decided to leave it flat and wrap the tag around the sleep sack.  This is the last step in the bedtime routine.

6. Place the items in the basket so you can see each and every item.  Then place in the last tag that is the card from you.

7. Add some tissue paper or just leave it as is!

Baby Shower Gift Basket Tutorial

The mama-to-be will truly love this adorable and incredibly useful gift basket you created!  I especially love the little unique touches that the Lawn Fawn stamps bring to this basket.

Now, this bedtime routine is what I did with each of my kiddos.  I did add a bath before the lotion, jammies, books and swaddle.  I still do this bedtime routine minus the swaddle with my kiddos and they are almost 4 and 3, so you know it is a good one!

So grab your supplies and get crafting on this adorable Lots Of Love And More Laundry baby shower gift basket with poem tags!

Lots Of Love And Laundry Gift Basket