On Monday I showed you how to create a burlap wreath for fall using Xyron and Tiim Holtz products.  Today, we are going to use some of those same materials to create a Halloween burlap wreath!

This is another super easy wreath to add some festive decoration to your home!





1. Wrap the styrofoam wreath in burlap.  Then secure with a ball head straight pin.

2. Using the distressed ink, stamp the ink pad on white card stock.  Press hard for darker color and lighter for a softer color.  Make 6 squares.


3. Then take your distressed ink stain, apply stain to the stamps.  Stamp on the card stock.

4. Let dry.


5. Add some texture to your leaf stamps by using the distress marker to add detail.

6. Cut out the leaves, pumpkins, and squares.

7. Write the letters “B”, “O”, “O” onto the squares.  You are going to be making the letters double-sided.


8.  Attach the BOO letters to the string twine using your Xyron tape runner.  Make a line down the middle of the square, then place the twine over the tape.  Secure the rest of the letters by running the tape runner around the boarder of the letters.


9. Tie the string to each side of the wreath.

10. Using your leaf cut-outs and the stamps, attach them to the wreath using the straight head ball pin.


11. Attach the bat to the top of the wreath.

12. Hang the wreath using the rest of the black twine.


13. Enjoy!


I love how easy this wreath was to create.  I always feel that I never have enough time to actually decorate the way I want to, so finding easy and cute ways to decorate is totally my jam!

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