I’ve got some fun crafty projects up my sleeve the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to share them with you!  Today I thought I would share a fun and easy way to repurpose an old vase.  This time of year I am loving all the yard sales going on.  I always love finding items that I can repurpose!  Well, I found this old vase at a sale a few weeks ago and wanted to repurpose it in some way that was a little more interesting.

I started by cleaning the entire vase using hot water and vinegar.  There were still some spots that didn’t look too great, so I mixed some vinegar and baking soda together to get out them out.    Once the vase was cleaned, I grabbed some materials that I knew I wanted to use.  I grabbed a black Sharpie, thick twine, hot glue gun and white spray paint.

Crafting Up Repurposed Vases Using Twine - Bloom Vase With Twine

I decided that I wanted to make the vase have some wording on it, so taking a Sharpie, I wrote in cursive the word “BLOOM”.

Taking my hot glue gun and some thick twine, I slowly glued twine to the letters of the word “BLOOM” that I drew with the Sharpie.  I glued dots and placed the twine over the dots.  Make sure to only do a few dots then glue the twine, as the hot glue does dry really quickly.  When I finished glueing the twine down, I let everything set.  It took about an hour.  Then I pulled off all the hot glue string that was left around the vase.

Finally, I took my favorite spray paint, Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Semi Gloss in white, and spray painted the entire vase.

Crafting Up Repurposed Vases Using Twine - Bloom Vase