I have seen the crepe paper roses all over Pinterest, but have yet to find a good tutorial as to how to make one.  I thought they would be super cute in a vase for Valentine’s Day.

After looking at a few tutorials, most of which were not in English, I got a general idea of what I needed to do to create one.  After a few trial and error rounds, I figured out how to make crepe paper roses.  They are super easy to make!  You need crepe paper, double-sided tape, floral wire stems and floral tape.

Fold the floral wire in half.  Put the double-sided tape around the folded wire.  This is just to keep the crepe paper from sliding off the wire.

Tear or cut off a long piece of crepe paper.  Fold the crepe paper in half and place the folded side onto the double-sided tape part of the floral wire.

Start rolling the crepe paper around the floral wire a couple of times.  I rolled clockwise because I am right-handed (this will come in handy in a second)!

This is where it can get tricky…Take the crepe paper and fold it to make a small triangle, with the loose edges facing down.  It’s kind of like you are folding the crepe paper in half, but at an angle.

Roll the triangled piece around the floral wire.  Then, continue to make a triangle, and roll it around the floral wire.

You might need to keep pushing and shaping the crepe paper to make it look like a rose.

Once you get to the end of the crepe paper, wrap the end pieces around the floral wire tightly.

Using your floral tape, wrap the tape around the crepe paper, starting with the top and working your way down to the bottom of the stem.  I like to wrap it around the crepe paper a few times before I start moving toward the bottom.  If you haven’t worked much with floral wire, it stays best if you wrap really tight and at an angle.

Then you are finished!  Cut the floral tape and you have a beautiful crepe paper rose!

Crepe Paper Rose Tutorial