I cannot remember when I first started making travel journals, but I think it was sometime in elementary school on one of our family vacations to either Disney or the Black Hills.  I think I had to keep a journal since we were missing school, but that experience inspired me to keep up my travel journaling.

From then on, I would always bring a journal with me on trips to record our adventures.  Each night I would recap our day by including things like what we did, tickets/stamps/post cards.

As I grew up, my travel journals became more and more creative.  I would decorate the cover and add pictures after the trip was completed.  I would leave pages to add things once we got home, like our plane tickets.

Travel Journal Tutorial

I have a trip planned for the end of August, so I wanted to get my travel journal set up.  And, lucky for me, our partner for the Xyron Design Team is Gyspy Soul Laser Cuts, who create the most adorable chipboard shapes to embellish any journal.  I am going to be sharing how I created my most recent travel journal using Xyron and Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts products.




1. Measure the dimensions of the Kraft journal cover to figure out how big the bottom layer of the decorative paper should be.

2. Using the Birds and Butterflies stack, cut the black butterfly paper to the dimensions you need.

Xyron Stickers

3. Run paper through the Xyron Creative Station Lite to create a sticker.

4. Attach the paper to the cover of your Kraft journal.

5. Cut the pink decorative paper to be smaller than the black butterfly paper.

6. Using your decorative paper cutters, cut the bottom two corners to create a rounded effect.

7. Cut out the green decorative paper to be smaller than the pink paper, and use your decorative paper cutters to cut all four corners.

Cutting Paper

8. Run both the pink and green paper through the Xyron Creative Station Lite.

9. Attach the green paper to the pink paper and into the rounded slots on the pink paper.

10. Attach the pink paper to the black butterfly paper.

11. Cut out white flower paper from the paper stack, then run the paper through the Xyron Creative Station Lite.

12. Attach white paper to green paper.

13. Pop out the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts you would like to use.  You might have to use your scissors to cut out some of the edges.

Glittery Laser Cuts

14. Run the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts through the Xyron Creative Station Lite.  You might have to pop out some of the sticker material from some of the smaller parts of the Laser cuts.  I used a quilling tool.

15. Shake your glitter over the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  Remove excess glitter.

16. Run the glittery Laser Cuts through the Xyron Creative Station Lite again.

17. Attach to the cover of your journal.

Smile Paper

18. Continue to add embellishments on different pages of your journal.  I cut out some from the paper stack and ran it through the Xyron Creative Station Lite machine and attached to different pages.  I also added more of the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts to different pages.


19. Write on the cover of your journal the location or locations of your trip with the dates you were there.

20. Pack your journal and get traveling!

Travel Journal

So I’m encouraging you to start a travel journal when you go on your next family vacation!  Leave pages for a few pictures and recap your day.  I always store my travel journal in a Ziplock baggie with a few different pens, Post-It notes, and some tape.  I use different colored pens for different days.  I use the Post-It notes as reminders for what pictures I want to put on what page.  And I keep the tape in the baggie so I can attach tickets, bracelets, or other items we picked up as I write about our day!

And, for more information on how to protect your paper, photos and more, head over to scrapbook.com for TONS of useful information!!  I mean, who would want to loose all these precious memories anyway?!?!

Keeping a travel journal is an easy way to keep yourself organized on  your vacation as you have a way to remember what you did and are able to keep a list of things you still want to do.