Do you use any inspirational desk cards for your workspace? Last year I was gifted one and didn’t exactly know what to do with it. I didn’t have a holder or anything, so I pinned it up on my bulletin board. Over the weeks it was hanging there, I realized I looked at it frequently.

So I went to see if there were more inspirational desk cards out there. Wow, was I surprised that this was actually a thing! I mean I figured that people used them, but I didn’t realize how much I would use them.

Today for the Xyron Design Team, we have partnered up with ClearSnap to create something inspirational for you.  I figured it would be rather fitting to create a DIY Inspirational Desk Card to share with you.

DIY Inspirational Desk Card With Xyron

I used some rather inventive things for this project, so have fun playing with some new textures!



  • Clearsnap Colorbox Paintbox: Chalk in Blossom Pastel
  • Clearsnap Colorbox Chalk Cat Eyes in Harvest
  • Xyron 1.5″Sticker Maker
  • Xyron Teresa Collins Mega Runner
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Rolling Pin
  • Rubber Bands
  • Duplos or Legos
  • Newspaper or Old Paper
  • Cardboard or Sturdy Paper
  • White Cardstock
  • Acrylic Blocks
  • My Favorite Things Out On A Limb Clear Stamps



So get ready to get messy!

1. Wrap your rolling pin with bubble wrap.  Attach bubble wrap around the rolling pin with rubber bands.

2. Using your Clearsnap Colorbox Paintbox: Chalk in Blossom Pastel, pat the bubble wrapped rolling pin in the stamp pad.  Make sure you get all the bubbles covered with the ink before moving on!

3. Starting at the top of a piece of cardstock, roll the bubble wrap rolling pin over the paper.  You may need to repeat this step to make sure the paper is covered with ink!


4. Set paper aside to let dry.

5. Taking another sheet of cardstock, stamp out the tree using your acrylic blocks and the “Out On A Limb” stamps.  I took the “blue iris” stamp pad out of the box and stamped the trunk of the tree with that color.

6. To make the leaves, I used “ice blue”, “wisteria”, and “orchid pastel”.  I just layered them on top of each other.


7. Using the circle stamp from the “Out On A Limb” stamp set and the acrylic block, fill a small piece of paper with the circle stamps.  I used “blue iris”, “warm violet”, “wisteria”, and “ice blue”.


8. Take the “Friendship is a Sheltering Tree” stamp and the Harvest chalk ink to stamp and place on a white piece of cardstock.

9. Set all the paper aside to dry.

10. Cut your cardboard to the size you like.  I made this one 9″ by 6″.

11. If your cardboard isn’t white (mine was), cut a piece of white cardstock to the size of the cardboard and attach it to the cardboard using your Teresa Collins Mega Runner.


12. Cut the bubble wrapped paper a little smaller than the size of the cardboard paper.


13. Cut out the tree and leaves.

14. Cut the circle paper to fit just above the tree but below the bubble paper.

15. Cut the “Friendship is a Sheltering Tree” to be smaller than the circle paper.

16. Now we get to attach everything!  Start by attaching the bubble wrap paper to the cardboard using your Teresa Collins Mega Runner.

17. Taking your Legos or Duplos, dap them into the ColorBox Paintbox and press them over your bubble wrap paper.  I also did this over my circle paper to give it some extra texture!


18. Then, taking a small piece of your bubble wrap, run it through the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker.  You may have to shove it in there to get it started.  We are going to be turning the bubble wrap into a pop-out for the tree.  Once you have run the bubble wrap through on one side, you will run it through again, once you remove the top piece.  Make sure you have the bubble wrap face downward.  Cut the bubble wrap and attach it to the tree to make it stick out!


19. Using the Teresa Collins Mega Runner, attach the circle paper to the top of the card.  Then attach the “Friendship is a Sheltering Tree” paper over the circle paper using the Teresa Collins Mega Runner.

20. Set on your desk and enjoy your DIY Inspirational Desk Card!


I decided to send my card to a dear friend, as a way to say thanks for your friendship, but I will be making another one soon!


What are some of your favorite inspirational quotes?  I am always looking for new ones!  I store all my favorites over on my Pinterest page, so go check them out then send me a message with your favorites!!