This summer I have had a lot of fun trying out new crafting tools and products.  I figured that since we were outside, I could try some of the “messier” crafts that I didn’t want to test out in our house.  The garage is the perfect place to make a mess!

So when it came time to create a craft for the Xyron Design Team and our partnership with Imagine Crafts, I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and test out craft inks!

As I started to play around with the craft inks, I decided to create some decorative wall art using a giant embroidery hoop and a dish rag!  The entire process took a few hours, as I had to let the craft ink and spray paint dry.  I am just loving how easy the entire project took to create.  And it was an easy decoration to change up any space within your home!

Hoop Art




1. Iron the white dish towel so you have a flat surface to work with.

2. Lay out an area for you to paint the dish towel.  I took some old paper grocery bags and set them on the floor of the garage.  Then I put the dish towel on top of the bags.

3. Take your embroidery hoop and place it over the dish towel.  Use a pencil to make the space that will be showing within the hoop.  That is where you are going to be painting.  I traced the outside of the hoop to give myself enough room.

Sponge Fabric

4. We are going to make flowers using the sponge and ink.  Using the dropper that comes in the mini workstation, take some ink and put it on the sponge.  I started with Blue Bayou as the base of my flower.  I sponged some blobs.  I tried to leave some white in the middle of the blobs.

5. Then on the other side of the sponge, I put sky mist using the dropper.  I sponged over the dark blue to give the flower some dimension.

6. Taking the leaf pieces of the hand-cut pine, I covered both pieces with celadon ink and stamped it onto the fabric near the blue blobs I created.  I added the ink with the dropper until the entire hand-cut pine was covered.  I stamped it about twice before I had to add more ink.

Pen Dye Fabric

7. Using the bullet-tipped Fantastix applicator and the cool gray ink, I added some dots to the leaves.

8. I took the dropper and blue bayou ink to cover the flower hand-cut pine pieces.  I made sure to cover the front, backs and sides of both flowers, as the leaves were already covered with ink.

Flower Fabric

9. Set the fabric and hand-cut pine aside to dry.

Spray Paint Hoop

10. Spray the embroidery hoop using the spray paint.  Make sure to take apart the hoop first before you spray paint!

11. Once the fabric is dry, iron the ink so that it sets.

12. Once the embroidery hoop is dry, add the fabric to the inside of the hoop and pull tight and tighten the bolt until the hoop is secure.

13. Cut the excess fabric, leaving a little fabric around the outside of the hoop.

Sticker Fabric Hoop

14. Run your Xyron Tape Runner around the entire backside of the embroidery hoop.

Fabric Onto Hoop

15. Then attach the fabric to the tape.

16. Turn your hoop over.  Grab your hand-cut pine flowers and leaves.  Cover the entire back using your Xyron Tape Runner.

Sticker Wooden Flower

17. Attach the flowers and leaves to the top of the embroidery hoop, making sure you press down to secure the pieces to the hoop.

Attach Wooden Flower

18. Hang and enjoy!

Hoop Art Flowers

I am really happy with how the wall art turned out!  And, since I sponged flowers, I wasn’t concerned with making them look perfect, which is always a win, right?!?!

Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Tutorial

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