Farmhouse-Inspired Birdhouse Decor

As our house is starting to come together, I have been on the hunt for things to decorate, seating, and other trinkets to add to the space.  But I have been having a hard time finding things that were kid-friendly.  My kids love redecorating our house, since they see me do it so frequently.  So they think they can just rearrange things.  I love when they do that, so I just need to make sure my decor is kid-friendly.

I try to find things on clearance.  I use cheap candles.  I will spray paint or DIY things to make them work.  I will salvage anything so that if a child breaks it, I don’t care.

So when I stumbled upon an unfinished wood birdhouse, I thought it would be perfect to add to the house.  But I wasn’t sure what to do with the birdhouse.  Paint it?  Leave it?

Well, I get this incredible box of farmhouse-inspired papers, stickers, and chipboard die cuts as part of the Xyron Design Team blog hop with Quick Quotes Scrapbook Company, and I know immediately what I want to do… Use the products to decorate this birdhouse!  It will fit perfectly in our family room!




  • Wooden birdhouse
  • Xyron Creative Station Lite with 5″ permanent adhesive refill
  • Quick Quotes Scrapbook Company Farmhouse Paper
  • Quick Quotes Scrapbook Company Farmhouse Chipboard Die Cuts
  • Quick Quotes Scrapbook Company Farmhouse Stickers
  • Quick Quotes Scrapbook Company Powder Puff Chalking Ink in Coral, Mocha Mama, and Seabrook
  • Decorative Stamp
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors



1. Start by measuring the roof of the birdhouse.  Then select three double-sided pieces of paper to use to create strips to attach to the top of the birdhouse.

2. Cut out the paper into the size of the roof of the birdhouse.

3. Run the strips through the Xyron Creative Station Lite.


4. Attach the strips to the roof of the birdhouse.

5. Using another piece of paper, measure the sides and bottom of the birdhouse.  I used one piece of paper to cover the entire bottom and sides.

6. Run the paper through the Xyron Creative Station Lite.


7. Attach the paper to the sides of the birdhouse.

8. Take another piece of paper and cut that to fit the backside of the birdhouse.


9. Run that piece of paper through the Xyron Creative Station and attach to the back of the birdhouse.

10. Cut a narrow piece of paper to cover the edge of the birdhouse.  Run that through the Xyron Creative Station Lite and attach to the edges of the birdhouse.


11. Using the Quick Quotes Powder Puff Chalk Ink, rub the ink pad onto the front of the birdhouse.  Then, using your paintbrush, cover the parts of the birdhouse that you weren’t able to get when you were rubbing the ink pad on the birdhouse.

12. Starting with the lighter Powder Puff chalk ink pad, which is the seabrook, cover the stamp (on in this case, the top part of the stamp) in ink.  Stamp onto the birdhouse.  I stamped in a few places on the birdhouse.

13. Then, using the darker Powder Puff chalk ink, which is mocha mama, cover the stamp with the ink.  Place the stamp slightly offset of the seabrook stamp to give the stamp an interesting visual design.


14. Using the stickers and chipboard, attach to different areas of the birdhouse.  Make sure to cover all the sides, bottom, and back so you can move it around or let it hang!


15. Add to your home decor and enjoy!


I am so happy with house this birdhouse turned out!  The kids even helped create this project, so I know they will be much more cautious when they are redecorating our house because they were able to help!

Don’t forget to check out the Xyron Facebook page for all the fun projects that were created for this blog hop!  There are a ton of amazing ideas that I don’t know which one to try first!