I have to say that 2016 was a great year for me and my crafting endeavours!   I became a member of my first design team with Xyron, where I was able to turn practically anything into a sticker or a label!

Then, I just got accepted to Imagine Artist In Resident team, which technically starts in 2017, but I got accepted in December, so it still counts!

I was able to create crafty comfort kits, which are gift boxes to help those going through difficult times.

And I was able to find my creative side again.  I think this was the biggest piece of growth for me in 2016.  I would always make things, but I never felt as inspired as I have this past year.

So now let’s get to my favorite craft projects from 2016!!  Drum roll please….

Fabric Garland Tutorial

The fabric bunting tutorial was one of my first major crafting tutorials on this blog.  I had tried to do other crafty projects, but this project was my most successful crafting project up to this point.

Plus, this project took me way out of my comfort zone as I really had no idea what I was doing!

Xyron Garland Tutorial

The paper garland tutorial was when I got to announce that I was on the Xyron Design Team.  This was my first post for them, and it really holds a special place in my heart because it got me going with really pushing myself in the crafting department.

Paper Tea Cups Tutorial

These paper tea cups was such a fun project to create!  My daughter loved playing with the paper tea cups, and they held together really well!  Well, until she started trying to really drink from them and then filled them with milk from her cup.  They didn’t last long after that!  But they would make the best centerpieces for any shower!

Glittery Labels Tutorial

I cannot tell you how many glittery labels I have in my office/craft room!  I kind of went overboard with creating them because they added so much sparkle to my space!  It really helps keep my craft space inspiring.  Plus, the glitter didn’t get everywhere because I didn’t have to shake glitter everywhere.  I turned the paper into a sticker then I rubbed the glitter all over the paper.  So much less hassle than any other way I have done glitter!

Paper Gift Boxes

I love these paper gift boxes.  Besides the fact that the paper is adorable, the gift boxes are perfect for filling with small goodies for birthday parties or events!

I actually came up with this idea when the kids and I were playing around with toilet paper tubes.  We were painting with them and one end got shut.  That gave me the idea for this project, as I thought that would make a perfect gift box!

Laminate Pouch Tutorial

I feel like I need a giant sign that says “AS SEEN ON HSN”!!  These laminated pouches made their way to HSN on a segment with Xyron.  I still get giddy with the idea that I had a project that was shown on television!!  So that is why I love this project so much!

Campfire Craft

This summer we spend running around outside, at parks, and cooling off in the basement of my parents’ house.  While we were inside, we would color, paint, and create.  The campfire project came about from an activity the kids did at camp, which turned into us getting messy in the basement and creating this project!

The kids loved making tents and having this “fire” on those incredibly hot days when we couldn’t play outside.

Clear Snaps

Because our house was under construction, I really didn’t have my desk for most of 2016.  Kind of weird to think about, but I think it was the reason why I needed inspiration while I worked.

I created this desk inspiration card for a friend by using bubble wrap, Legos, and stamp pads!

Sit And Color

I have to say that I am incredibly proud of myself for putting my story out there.  Very few people know my entire story and why crafting is such a huge part of my life.  I hope that by sharing why I do what I do, you feel you can find comfort in a friend with sharing your story and finding what keeps you calm and grounded.

Holiday Tag Station

Creating a holiday tag station has come in incredibly handy this holiday season.  I am in the process of turning it into a thank you note station, so I can get the notes out quickly.  I have blank cards where I write the thank you and the kids will color the front of the card.  I also will have stamps, envelopes, markers, pens, and stickers!

Push Pin Map

I love this push pin map.  I am super happy with how it turned out!  I had this vision in my head and this was the closest I got to creating it.  My only upset with this project was the east coast.  Not all the states cut out on my Silhouette paper cutter, so I had to guess what state cut-out went where.  Overall, it has been a really nice piece of artwork in my office, so I am happy with it!!

Hostess Gift Tag Tutorial

So when I created this gift tag for a hostess gift, I got the idea to make a fast video of creating the cookie in a jar.  This was my first video that I made and edited on my own!!  I have to say that I am rather proud of how that video turned out!

I cannot wait to continue to get crafty with you!  So, I am starting a YouTube channel to share my crafting and organizing tutorials!!!  I have a few videos up there to get you ready for January!!  Subscribe to the channel to get notifications when I have a new video up!!