I completely forgot what it is like to go grocery shopping when you have to read labels and search for things.  It is like going into a foreign country and trying to navigate their grocery store when you don’t totally speak their language!

I remember back to when I first removed gluten from my diet 7 years ago.  I spent over 2 hours in the grocery store trying to find things to eat.  That was exactly what I did this time around.  Except I made the mistake of going on a Sunday.  HUGE mistake!  As I am reading labels, checking the suggested pantry list and trying to figure out where the Ghee is, I got mauled by numerous people trying to grab their groceries and run.  I got really overwhelmed and thought that maybe I couldn’t do this whole “completely change my diet for 30 days” thing.

But then I reminded myself how difficult it was when I stopped eating gluten (before it was something trendy) and had to search for everything in the grocery store and felt like a failure.  I physically felt so much better in just a few days, so I was willing to give this a try.

Whole30 Style Grocery Shopping

Five bags of groceries and two hours later, I was able to head home feeling a little bit better about my goods.  I stocked up on a lot of fresh veggies, chicken and some turkey.  I am not one to just “wing it” when it comes to meal planning.  Read all about how anal I am about meal planning here!

I decided to come up with a template to help me organize my meals so I wouldn’t get so overwhelmed.  I’ll be sharing my template with some of my recipes I have tried!  Looking forward to hearing about your Whole 30 experiences!