Trying to find a gift for my husband has always been a challenge.  I never know what to get him and I always feel bad when I get him something he doesn’t love.  This year, we have had many discussions on date nights and how we can still have a date night every once in a while, without feeling like it’s a chore.

I read this amazing article by Coffee and Crumbs all about taking back the date night.  This whole idea about taking the date night back really was something that inspired me to do the same!  I decided that one of my goals for 2015 was to do a date night with the hubby once a month.  I took the idea of me planning the dates and decided to get a little crafty with the present.

I took regular Popsicle sticks and wrote down twelve date nights.  I didn’t make the Popsicle sticks all glammed out because I wanted to save them to make a collage of all the dates we did in 2015!  The dates are nothing special, mostly dinner and drinks, but I figured that this was a start seeing as we haven’t been on a date since October!

After I wrote down all twelve dates, I found a mason jar and added a cute tag and string.  I decided that we are keeping the date night jar in our bedroom, next to my jewelry box, as a reminder that we need to complete all twelve dates before December 2015!