I decided I was going to do the Whole 30. So to set up my fridge and freezer, I followed these steps.

I was so happy with how clean and organized our refrigerator and freezer were after my massive spring cleaning!  When I decided to take on the Whole30, I had to totally reorganize it again!  I decided to use a similar way of organizing the space with bins and keeping shelves organized by food group.  With the Whole30, you have meats, vegetables, fruits and approved condiments.  I needed to break up my refrigerator and freezer shelves into these categories.

First thing I did was take everything out of the fridge.  Anything that wasn’t Whole30 compliant, I moved to the basement fridge.  Then I looked at my groceries and sorted them into meat, vegetables or fruit.  Finally, I put them into groups based on when I am cooking/eating them.  Now my fridge is organized into sections for my Whole30.

Then I went through the freezer.  The nice thing about the freezer is that I only had one shelf that was bread.  The rest were all meats!  So I moved the breads to the freezer in the basement and put “other meat” in the shelf that once housed the bread!