I love signs and plaques to decorate the house with.  I have wood signs, I have canvas signs, and I even have some signs that I made myself.  I shared a tutorial a while back for how to create a home sign using glitter and your cutting machine.  Whenever I am out shopping, I love finding signs that speak to me and I can use to decorate the house with.  Because that is what makes a house a home, right?!?!

Today, I am going show you how to create this fun light-up plaque, using Chibitronics and Xyron products.  Chibitronics are circuit stickers that allow you to create paper crafts that light up.  Chibitronics hopes to share this new way of learning circuits and creating art, so that everyone can become technology creators rather than technology consumers.  I just love this idea of using circuits to create art!  It combines two of my favorite things…crafting and science!



  • Chibitronics Kit
  • Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker
  • Cardstock
  • Board or Sign (Preferably one with a gap in the middle, otherwise drill one)
  • Cutting Machine or Die-Cut of Map
  • Small Heart Using Vellum Paper
  • Hook Tool
  • Letters (I used my Silhouette to cut them out)
  • Ruler
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors



1. Test out how to use your Chibitronics kit first.  The book and tutorial is SUPER helpful, but I needed to see how everything worked before I got to creating this project.

2. Cut out a map and the words “Home Is Where Ever I’m With You” using a cutting machine.

Poke Hole In Map

3. Using your hook tool or scissors, pop a small hole in the map where you live and where you want to make light up.

4. Set that aside for later.

5. Take your copper tape, a red LED light, and your board.  Figure out where the light needs to shine to make your map light up.

Attaching Cooper

6. Take your copper tape and start by placing it at the top of the board.  Run that copper tape up until you get to the LED light.  Flip the tape over so that the non-sticky side hits the top of the LED light (otherwise you aren’t creating a circuit).

7. Then, attach another copper wire to create the circuit.

8. Put a piece of masking tape over the LED light and copper wires.

Testing Circuit

9. Put the battery on the two copper wires to test out if the LED light actually lights up.  If you are having trouble, move the battery around and push on the LED light.

Making Stickers With Xyron

10. Run your letters, heart, and your map through the Xyron Creative Station Lite to create stickers.

11. Attach your letters to the top of the sign.  Use a ruler if you need help getting the letters straight.

Adding Map and Letters

12. Find the hole you created in the map, and place that over the light on your sign.

13. Smooth down all the letters and the map to make sure they stick really well to the board.

Lite Up Map Without Heart

14. Test out the light to make sure you can see it through the hole in the map.

Lite Up With Heart

15. Attach your vellum heart over the light.

Attaching Battery

16. Tape the battery to the back of the board using masking tape.  I had to really tape the batter onto the board so it was really tight to keep the circuit together.

17. Hang and enjoy!

Home Is Where Ever I'm With You

This was such a fun project to do.  It would make the perfect housewarming or engagement present!  I want to make one for my brother and sister-in-law with multiple places lighting up because they have lived all over!

Lite Up Board Tutorial

So grab your Chibitronics kit, a board, your cutting machine, paper, and your Xyron Creative Station.  Cut out a map, letters, and a heart.  Make a circuit using the Chibitronics kit on the back of a wood sign or board.  Attach your map and letters onto the board once you have run them through the Xyron Creative Station.  Attach the battery to the back of the board using masking tape.  Then, display for your friends and family to admire!